Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breaking News: Crist to Run as No Party Breaking His Word!

Less than 30 days ago, these comments were made:

Quote of the day
"To put these rumors to rest once and for all, as we have said countless times before, Gov. Crist is running for the United States Senate as a Republican. He will not run as an Independent or as a No Party Affiliation.

"The governor is proud of his conservative credentials and stands firmly behind the principles of limited government and more personal freedom, the bedrock values of the Republican Party. He is proud to be a member of the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

"This should completely and utterly put to rest any of the unfounded rumors coming from the Rubio campaign that Gov. Crist would run as anything other than the Republican that he is."

Eric Eikenberg, Charlie Crist's campaign manager. April 8, 2010

Now today, 29 April 2010, which is 21 days later to be exact, Charlie Crist is doing exactly what the Rubio campaign said he was going to do -- leave the Republican Party where he is way behind in the polls to run No-Party. Have no clue what the difference between No Party and Independent is. You could say he was standing on principle but Crist has no principles as Mark Thornberry of the American Specatator explained in the sidebar of this site.

Crist is all about Crist and will stick his finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing and the group that praises him the most like teachers will get his support.

Crist was late to his Press Announcement but what is new?

Crist was elected as a Republican Governor, and we want to know why he is allowed to stay as Governor to campaign at taxpayer expense. His security detail will be with him at the events even though he has chosen to leave the GOP. The Republican Party of Florida has not changed their stance on issues, it is Crist who played up to Obama and Democrats who is finally outing himself as a liberal.

Now we have to hear how he is a man of the people when he lives in a $4M+ condo on an exclusive island off Miami-Dade County. Not going to fly this time!

His campaign has released they are going to pro-rate the return of contributions which we have never heard of before. He should give 100% of the contribution back if requested by the donor.

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