Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marco Rubio files his candidacy for the the Republican Nomination for the US Senate

Today the former Speaker of the Florida House, Marco Rubio, is filing his paperwork to run as a REPUBLICAN for the nomination to become a US Senator from Florida.

Will current Florida Governor Charlie Crist throw a temper tantrum because he is losing in the polls for the Republican primary and file paperwork to run as non-party affiliated this week?

Time for all Republicans in FL and around the Country to turn their back on Crist the minute he declares as a no party candidate (if he does) and support the nomination of Marco Rubio who is one of our rising young candidates and our hope for
the future of our Nation. In fact with the Crist record of going left and supporting Democrat causes like vetoing the education bill because teacher's union didn't want the bill should be reason enough to support Rubio of Crist if Crist stays a Republican.

April 27, 2010

Today Marco will celebrate amongst friends and family as he proudly signs his qualifying papers to run for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate! If you're in the Miami, FL area, please join us. There will also be a Friends and Family fundraiser in Coral Gables. Find details here.

This will be a momentous day for Marco, his family and his friends. Many of his supporters remember the day he announced he was going to run. Many of the pundits called it a long shot and public polling had him hovering around 6% in the polls. Now Marco is in the lead!

Marco knew, though, that this election was not about polls and popularity. It was about something bigger than himself. He spent many months diligently delivering one speech, one meeting at a time. His message has been one of fresh conservative alternatives the entire time.

On the day he announced his run, Marco explained, “This country is at a crossroads.” This is even more evident today as the Obama administration prepares to unveil a new Supreme Court nominee and a cap-and-trade bill.

We need leaders like Marco Rubio in the Senate. Leaders who will stand firmly and proudly on PRINCIPLE and courage of conviction to fight the misguided thinking that has taken over Washington and allowed government to creep into our lives.

We don’t need more politicians who are willing to bend with the political winds when the going gets tough. Or worse, abandon the party of limited government all together.

As Charlie Crist waits this week to file as an independent, join our effort to “flip the switch” on him and send a message that we stand with principles over politics! Help us be ready to mobilize our grassroots effort and rebuild the party for November! We are building our grassroots army by recruiting 100 donors for each of the 24 years Charlie used the GOP to get elected. Help us reach our goal by donating whatever amount you can today.Thank you for your support! We're definitely in this together.

Team Rubio

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