Saturday, April 24, 2010

Breaking News: Steve King (R-IA) Encouraged to run for President by the Iowa 5th District Convention

King Receives Taxpayers’ Friend Award

Sources from the 5th District of Iowa notified Voices tonight that they had circulated a petition today encouraging Steve King, the Congressman from the 5th District of Iowa, to run for President in 2012. It was almost a unanimous vote except for a constiuent who doesn't want to lose him as their Congressman and another one who wants him to become Speaker of the House. We definitely understand those votes. We wouldn't want to lose him if he was our Congressman either.

Over the last few months we have posted some of Congressman King's speeches along with the story where he shot a raccoon coming around his home which anyone living in farm/ranch country knows is not an animal you want around your home or barns.

King is one of the most articulate Representative in the House. When he speaks, you know what he says in plain language so no one has to consider what he meant to say -- you know from his words exactly what he is saying. His speeches on the floor of the House leave you riveted because he speaks with passion and gives the facts.

We are tired of politicians speaking and having to parse what they say or jumbling up words so they make no sense. We want someone to elected as President who tells it like it is and doesn't back down. When you deal with foreign countries, they need to know they are talking to someone who means what they say. We also need a President who understand the difference between countries who are our allies and countries who have no intention of being a friend of the United States and acts accordingly. We believe Steve King is that man.

King is a self-made man who started his own business and knows what it is like as a small business owner to meet a payroll. He is well aware of all the taxes that are collected by the Federal and State Governments not to mention the numerous regulations that the they continue to enact that place a burden on the small business owners in this Country. His experience as a small business owner is practical experience that you cannot get from a book but by living it day by day.

Here in Oklahoma the vast majority of our business' are small business like so many other states. These small business entities are the backbone of job creation in the United States and need to be encouraged to grow and become successful. They do not to be penalized by too many taxes and regulations placed on them by the Government.

For too many years the Republican grassroots have been shut out with backroom deals on who should run for President. In 2012 it is time we had our voices heard. We believe that Steve King would be a great grassroots Presidential candidate who would enthuse Republicans, Independents, and Conservative Democrats across America.

Here in Oklahoma we know something about a grassroots candidate, as the members of the Oklahoma Republican grassroots worked hard to elect Senator (Dr) Tom Coburn to the United States Senate in 2004 against the wishes of the Washington establishment.

We salute the 5th District of Iowa and their resolution which was passed encouraging Steve King to run for President. We eagerly await the outcome from the State Convention on the 5th District Resolution.

Iowa is the first State to hold the caucus for President, and we are confident the people of Iowa would be extremely proud to cast their votes for one of their own, Steve King, Congressman from the Iowa 5th District. Then on to New Hampshire, the State of Live Free or Die, where a true member of the Grassroots we believe would get their support for President.

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