Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crist learns the value of reciprocity in Obama WH

We have heard of dumb moves by politicians but this might just rank at the top of the list. Any Republican still considering voting for Crist will never vote for him now. Don't imagine most Florida independents will vote for him either. Maybe he should have used his wife as his consultant for this important decision since she comes from NJ/NY and changes are that she is a liberal Democrat because her advice to call the White House sure sounds like that. No Republican consultant would even think of telling him that, but then he has none left.

Wanting to Obama to back him over the Democrat Meeks shows total desperation and tells us that Marco Rubio will be the next Senator from FL. All of us need to give whatever we can and help in any way possible to ensure a Rubio win!

Crist learns the value of reciprocity in Obama WH
APRIL 29, 2010

A year ago, when Barack Obama needed some bipartisan cover for the Porkulus package that got written without any Republican input, he headed down to Florida and got Charlie Crist to appear on stage to give him a boost. Now, Charlie Crist wants to dump the GOP and run as an independent, with an announcement expected later today, and he needs a big boost to get taken seriously by Sunshine State voters. According to Marc Ambinder, Crist tried calling his friends in the Obama White House — who refused to take his call:

Here first: Charlie Crist, soon to be independent Senate candidate from Florida, tried to reach White House chief of staff Emanuel through intermediates. WH refuses to take the call. Dems plan big talent/money blitz for Kendrick Meek. BTW: Obama’s approval rating in FL is in high 40s, per internal Dem polling.
Excerpt:

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