Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Republican Whip Eric Cantor Delivers Weekly Republican Address

GOP Leadership in Congress has done a very good job in choosing people to deliver the Weekly Republican Address. Last Saturday Cong Eric Cantor from Virginia who is one of the rising stars of the Republican Party gave the address. Canto has done one of the best jobs as the House Republican Whip we have seen to date and without all the nastiness of a previous whip, Tom DeLay. He has the right demeanor and the facts on his side to get the Republicans in the House to vote together.

His speech on Saturday about taxes and runaway spending is something everyone needs to watch. President Obama has signed 25 tax increases into law passed by Democrats in Congress. Eric Cantor's in describing the Democrats "You pay, they spend, and your children owe" is short and to the point and something we all need keep reminding voters this Fall that is what the Democrats are all about.

Time to send the tax and spend Democrats to the Unemployment line on November 2nd!

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