Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Crist Implosion -- More Info on Possible Indy Run

Now we are learning that Crist didn't return NRSC Chair Cornyn's call. That takes nerve after Cornyn went out on a limb for Crist at the beginning but we are not surprised because Crist is so arrogant.

If Crist runs as an Indy, you can expect the NRSC will be all over that race for Rubio along with a lot of Republican activists who have had it with the arrogant Crist.

The Crist Implosion
The Wall Street Journal

An independent run for Charlie Crist looks better on paper than it does in reality.
Would Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in fact be politically smarter simply to drop out of the Senate race?

Mr. Crist yesterday acknowledged to reporters that he has been "certainly listening" to those who argue he should quit the GOP primary against Marco Rubio and run in the fall as an independent. His admission came after the National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a memo saying there's "zero chance" Mr. Crist would remain in the primary. The memo, which urged Mr. Crist to drop out of the race completely, was released publicly after Mr. Crist reportedly didn't return a call to receive the same message privately from Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who heads the NRSC.

Mr. Crist is struggling to navigate what could potentially be a devastating end to his political career. He's 20 points down against Mr. Rubio. Last week he vetoed a popular education bill as a favor to the state teachers union, repudiating a decade-long GOP effort to bring accountability to the state's schools. With senior Republican supporters abandoning him in droves, Mr. Crist is clearly tempted by a Quinnipiac poll showing he might still win a three-way Senate race as an independent.

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