Monday, March 29, 2010

John McCain and Sarah Palin Rally in Phoenix

First Scott Brown came in to campaign for John McCain and now Sarah Palin. The heavy hitters of the Republican Party know how important it is to return John McCain to the Senate.

First is the video with Scott Brown from 6 March, 2010:

Then this past weekend, 27 March 2010, Sarah Palin was in AZ to campaign for Sen McCain:

McCain / Palin Rally Phoenix from John McCain 2010 on Vimeo

Senator Brown and former Governor Palin both recognize that it is vital to American interest to send Sen McCain back to DC. He is one of the protectors of our military along with Senator Inhofe (R-OK) and other Republicans. One thing you don't have to be concerned about with Senator McCain is ethics and honesty.

Senator McCain is one of the leaders of the fight with Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) against earmarks and pork. This election is vitally important to the future of America with the Socialists agenda by Obama and leaders in Congress they ramming through. Americans need John McCain returned to the Senate to continue fighting alongside other Sen Coburn and others to protect our Freedoms.

Last person we need in the Senate is someone like Hayworth with flawed ethics who was a big time recipient of Abramoff money, couldn't win his own Congressional seat, and is a bully by all the accounts. He couldn't keep his seat in Congress but now wants to become the AZ Senator? Give us a break! We have enough Democrats for Sale and the last thing we would need would be a big time recipient of Abramoff money on the Republican side elected to the Senate who believes in hiding the details of his association with Abramoff. Having witnessed him speaking at a State GOP function, I would tend to concur he is a bully as he went after a member of our delegation for not being conservative enough when he has a 92 lifetime average. Looks pretty conservative to me.

With Hayworth losing his seat in the House in 2006, we never did get a full accounting of Abramoff trust fund donors to Hayworth.

The Politico Mafioso asks this question on his site:

We would also like the answer to that question. We have seen enough of someone who is not transparent with Obama, and we certainly don't need to see it out of a Republican candidate for Senate in Arizona.

Please join us in supporting Senator John McCain for the AZ Senate seat and send him back to finish the job with Dr. Coburn on earmarks and pork!


  1. I will support McCain in this election as I have in the past. McCain continues to fight for policy and issues that are so key to this Nation. I respect his continuous fight against the health care takeover, I respect his fight for our Nation's security and respect the stand he takes against the extremists in govt. JD the blowhard has no chance winning this election, he is just trying to pay off his legal bills from the Abramoff scandal, he does not have the moral or ethical capacity to perform in this government.

  2. Great article Sharon! John McCain himself saw your article and was very apprecative for it. (One of his staffers called me last night). Fantastic work!