Thursday, March 11, 2010

Congressman Mary Fallin Talks about Her OK Governor's Race

When we are asked why Oklahomans should support Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor, the answer is very simple. We believe that Congresswoman Mary Fallin may be the the most qualified person to ever run for Oklahoma Governor. She was the hands down best Lt Governor in Oklahoma history. As Lt Governor, Mary became Oklahoma's Ambassador throughout the United States bringing jobs to Oklahoma and telling the story of Oklahoma to anyone who would listen. She has continued to tell the Oklahoma story and the advantages of living in Oklahoma as our Congresswoman.

Since being relocated to Oklahoma in 1997, we have not met anyone in Oklahoma who better represents the friendliness and positive spirit of Oklahomans better then Mary Fallin.

This interview in Shawnee, OK, is a great example of why Mary has always been Oklahoma's best Ambassador as she traveled for Oklahoma:

Feb 17, 2010

When we received this email today showing the rankings from the National Journal, we can say we are not surprised Mary Fallin is considered the most Conservative of our Conservative Oklahoma House Delegation. From the first time we heard Mary speak, we knew she was Conservative and felt she was destined to someday become Oklahoma's Governor. Oklahoma needs Mary Fallin as our next Governor to lead our state into becoming a destination for business and a place where you afford to live and raise your families with good old fashioned Oklahoma values.

A Conservative Leader for Oklahoma

Recently, the National Journal – a publication that covers Congress – released its rankings of the most conservative and liberal elected officials. According to the National Journal, Mary Fallin was ranked the most conservative member of the Oklahoma House delegation based on her voting record.

That should come as no surprise to those who know Mary. She’s been a conservative leader in Oklahoma during her entire 20-year career in public service.

In fact, the American Conservative Union gives Mary high marks for her conservative voting record, too. She has a lifetime score of 96 from the ACU, which is the highest of any congressman in the Oklahoma delegation.

Working to reduce Costs for Oklahoma businesses

As Mary has campaigned across the state, she has had the opportunity to meet with Oklahoma business owners both large and small. The one thing each group points out is that our expensive workers’ compensation system is a menacing roadblock to economic success in this state.

According to the State Chamber of Oklahoma, the average amount of court-awarded benefits in Oklahoma in 2008 was more than $28,000 – the highest in 20 years and a 125 percent increase from 2000. Studies have shown Oklahoma’s workers’ comp payout rate is twice the regional average and only 12 states report higher workers’ comp costs in their manufacturing sectors.

All this is to say our workers’ comp system makes it expensive to do business in Oklahoma and our laws discourage new businesses from locating here and hamper existing businesses’ efforts to grow and expand operations. What that means for Oklahoma is fewer jobs and less prosperity.

As governor, Mary Fallin will lead the effort to enact meaningful workers’ compensation reform that lowers costs for our businesses while treating injured workers fairly. Under a Fallin administration, Oklahoma will be “Open for Business” and no one will work harder than Mary to make sure the rest of the nation knows it.

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