Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RNC Money Bomb -- FIRE PELOSI!

If anyone needed proof that Americans are fed up, all they had to do was look at the RNC Money Bomb to FIRE Pelosi -- NO more Madam Speaker and her 40 Democrats -- $1 for each of the 40 seats in the target zone. What started out as a target of $400,000 kept getting increased as money continued to flow into RNC. For $40, you are donating $1 to the opponent of the 40 Democrat held seats in the target zone. As of now they have raised $1,325,734 to Take Back 40 seats we need to FIRE Pelosi.

Over the years, we have been less then impressed with some of the things we have seen out of the RNC, but this idea was a winner and we commend Michael Steele and his staff for the idea.

If you have a spare $40 lying around, would you please consider donating it to the RNC so that we can Fire Pelosi! Even though time has run out, you can still donate at

Fire Pelosi

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