Thursday, March 18, 2010


Dear Friend,

Today, in a sad moment for the House of Representatives, members of Congress turned down the opportunity to have a straight up-or-down vote on a costly health care bill that will hurt our economy, and forever alter the doctor-patient relationship. Instead Democrats jumped at Democratic leadership’s “Slaughter Solution,” the ultimate in Washington power grabs, that will allow Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) to pass the Senate health care bill – “Cornhusker Kickback” and all – through the house without a vote.

This move has drawn widespread outrage – the Cincinnati Enquirer recently declared it a “disgusting process” and an “arrogant approach” – because it is designed to protect Washington politicians when it’s American taxpayers we should be looking out for. While members of Congress might not want an up-or-down vote on a trillion-dollar government takeover of health care full of tax hikes, Medicare cuts and taxpayer funding for abortions, it’s clear where the American people stand.

Earlier this week, I welcomed 8th District residents at the Capitol who traveled to D.C. to join with Americans from across the country and scream “stop!” to the Democratic Majority in Washington. I told them I would continue to fight against this bill on behalf of them and the majority of Americans who oppose this bill, while continuing to call for Congress to start over on commonsense reforms to make our current health care system better.

The President and Democratic Leaders today showed that they are going to continue to ram, ram, ram this bill through Congress. But we can still defeat this bill. In the coming days, members of Congress will be asked to make a final vote on this massive government takeover of health care. As I told my colleagues on the floor on Tuesday, this will be the biggest vote that most Members ever cast. And so they will have an important decision to make. Will they stand with Speaker Pelosi and Washington Democrats, or will they stand with the American people?Sincerely,John Boehner

NOTE: Thank you Republican Leader Boehner for continuing to stand up for the American people!

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