Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is Around the Corner

After months of cold weather include -13 chill factor in Norman a short time ago, it was over 70 degrees today and is still 69 degrees at 8:35 p.m.  What a difference!  We have one more day of warm and then here comes slightly colder but now near as cold as it has been.  Looks like spring could be on the way.

With that in mind, I spent most of my afternoon outside and finally was able to start planting the early garden where if this keeps up it will run into the other.  This year I am not trusting the frost free date to be 1 April -- could be a real April Fool!

There is a lot to do outside and decided instead of sitting in here doing my blog, I would be outside working and it felt great.

The only thing really going on over the weekend was CPAC which I refuse to cover as I didn't like it when I was a so-called conservative which seems a long time ago -- cannot feature being a member of the same party as that group at CPAC.  Just shake my head at abject stupidity on display and was trying to figure out which I thought was the dumbest and think that has to go to Michael Medved who said it was liberal lie that some red states banned gay marriage.  Where has he been.  Oklahoma had a referendum shortly after the turn of the century to ban gay marriage.  Now when it has been overturned by the SCOTUS, a state legislator wants to be all marriage to keep gay marriage from happening.  What has Medved been?  Obvious he has been in any of our states.  Heard some people in OK were really mad he said it and thought he was making of Oklahoma for having it overturned.  OOPS!

The other major happening which is much more serious is a Malaysian Airlines 777 airliner that has disappeared at 36,000 feet two days ago -- search and rescue cannot find the wreckage so they are looking at other areas the plane might have gone.  It is just strange with all kinds of intrigue with two Syrians with stolen passports with tickets from a code share with one number after the other.  A lot of theories banded around but no one knows.  Prayers go out to the over 200 passengers and crew.  Not knowing would be horrible.

Hopefully with expanding the range of search they will be able to locate the plane and find the boxes if they haven't been turned off.  This is not a deep area and the Navy's Orion planes can see something that is very small which would explain expanding the search area.  It looks like it is not located in the flight path over the seas before entering Vietnam as that area has been gone over with a fine tooth comb.

Really strange that no ships have spotted anything.  Hopefully morning will bring some news to families.

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