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Republicans in US Congress are "USELESS!"

After the 50th vote to repeal Affordable Care Act (ACA) by the worthless Republicans in the US House of Representatives, I started searching for a word that described what I thought of Republicans in Congress and their spokespeople that was fit for a website.  I immediately settled on the word USELESS and decided to look it up in the Oxford-American dictionary -- it was a fit for these do-nothing Republicans in the Congress:
USELESS Syllabification: use·less
Pronunciation: /ˈyo͞osləs   /ADJECTIVE 
1.  Not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome: a piece of useless knowledge
futile, to no avail, (in) vain, pointless, to no purpose, unavailing, hopeless, ineffectual, ineffective, to no effect, fruitless, unprofitable, profitless, unproductivearchaic bootless
1.1  informal Having no ability or skill in a specified activity or area: he was useless at football  
incompetent, inept, ineffective, incapable, unemployable, inadequate, hopeless, no-account, bad • informal pathetic
How would you like to be so USELESS yet be paid $223,000 to be Speaker of the House, $193,000 to be Majority/Minority Leaders of the House and Senate, and a paltry $174,000 to be a regular member?  Republicans planned the obstructionism of President Obama on the night of his inauguration in January 2009 and they are still at it with their dumb ideas and continual threats of shut-down of Government unless they get their way.

Came to a boiling point this week on Ukraine and the comments coming from some of the Senate Republicans and some House Members calling this President weak and wanting him to start a war with Russia.  Stupidity needs added to USELESS.

This week in addition to Ukraine, there was Cong Issa with the integrity of a gnat who heads the House Investigative Committee  in the Committee Room for a hearing turning off Ranking Minority Member Rep Cumming's microphone on the IRS scandal when he was correcting Issa's lies.  No decorum and probably the worst person to have lead the House Investigations Committee ever is Issa. Republicans don't seem to see any problem in Issa being unethical and a liar, not to mention a car thief and a crook from the past who is suspected of hiring someone to torch his building for pay.  Yesterday took the cake for obnoxious out of Issa for his USELESS hearing:
So this happened.On Wednesday, after former IRS official Lois Lerner invoked her Fifth Amendment rights against self incrimination, Issa quickly moved to adjourn the session, saying he could “see no point in going further.” But as Cummings began to ask a procedural question about the issue, the Chairman tried to cut his mic, leaving Cummings to shout from his seat. 
“I am a member of the Congress of the United States of America! I am tired of this,” he said, adding that after spending at least $14 million, the Committee has uncovered “no evidence to support allegations of a political conspiracy against conservative groups.” 
Issa tried to abort the meeting after Lerner invoked her 5th Amendment right, and Cummings attempted to ask a question, prompting Rep. Issa (R-National Enquirer) to pull an O’reilly: cutting Rep. Cummings’s mic, and since he can’t cut to commercial, literally running from the room.
Bonus Video from Little Green Footballs:

Read more at LittleGreenFootballs
This IRS Investigation is a total sham and perfect for the word USELESS as Issa has wasted $14 million of taxpayer dollars as it has been proved almost immediately IRS targeted both sides which Issa refuses to admit. He is only one of some of the most arrogant, unethical Republicans in the House who the word 'decorum' is foreign.

In the House we have the Issa IRS scandal that Republicans keep going after and in the Senate we have Benghazi which Senators especially Graham (R-SC) will not let go.  That is $358,000 wasted on their two salaries not including benefits to go after worthless investigations that have already been finished but neither Issa or Graham will let go.  Maybe they should be looking in the mirror and asking themselves what is driving them because the the two words 'common sense' are completely missing as they make fools of themselves.

The list of Republicans making fools of themselves who are USELESS in the Congress is quite lengthy starting with the Speaker who has said nothing will get done before the election.
Taxpayers pay Speaker Boehner a base pay of $223,000 to tell us nothing major will be voted on before the election.  Guess that puts ACA into the minor category as anyone with a brain knows that ACA is the law of the land no matter how much Republicans hate the Affordable Care Act which is something they touted in the early 90's but now since Obama and Democrats came up with the idea, it is no good.  
Then there is Majority Leader Cantor who determines the House Calendar:
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is rewarding the least popular House in history by cutting their number of scheduled work days from 126 in 2013 to 113 in 2014. 
The 2014 House calendar reveals where the Republican majority’s priorities really are. House Republicans are scheduled to be in session for only 12 days in each of the first three months of the year. The “busy month” for House Republicans will come during the usually slow July political season. 
This schedule is all about giving House Republicans the time to campaign in their districts and fundraise. They will be on vacation for the entire month of August, in session for 10 days in September, and will only be working for a laughable two days during the month before the 2014 election.
The idea that they can spend more time in their district meeting with constituents is laughable unless you count donors.  Town Halls are almost non-existent by Republicans which means Oklahoma has very few if any since our whole delegation is Republican.

One of the dumbest statements I have heard recently (there are plenty) for just being dumb is Rep Joe Barton, R-TX, who is a big supporter of oil and gas and against wind power:
"Wind is God's way of balancing heat. Wind is the way you shift heat from areas where it's hotter to areas where it's cooler. That's what wind is. Wouldn't it be ironic if in the interest of global warming we mandated massive switches to energy, which is a finite resource, which slows the winds down, which causes the temperature to go up? Now, I'm not saying that's going to happen, Mr. Chairman, but that is definitely something on the massive scale. I mean, it does make some sense. You stop something, you can't transfer that heat, and the heat goes up. It's just something to think about."
Lest we forget the shutdown we had comments from these two brainiacs last year who voted to shut down the Government:
“I need my paycheck. That’s the bottom line. I understand that there may be some other members who are deferring their paychecks and I think that is admirable. I’m not in that position.” (Rep Rene Ellmers, R-NC) (later gave it up when constituents got mad) 
“I’ve got a nice house and a kid in college, and I’ll tell you we cannot handle it. Giving our paycheck away when you still worked and earned it? That’s just not going to fly.” (Rep Terry, R-KS)
Then there is this one from Rep Steve Pierce, (R-NM):
A Republican member of Congress says in a recently released book that a wife is to "voluntarily submit" to her husband, but that it doesn't make her inferior to him. 
Rep. Steve Pearce's (R-N.M.) memoir, "Just Fly the Plane, Stupid!" was released last month. Its publication -- and his acknowledgment in the book of the controversial nature of the submission debate -- come as the Republican Party reevaluates how it talks to and about women.
Less then a month into the year we had this from Long Island's Rep Grimm when he didn't want to answer a question:
Rep. Michael Grimm (R—N.Y.) physically threatened a local news reporter during a heated exchange following an interview after Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, telling the reporter, “I’ll throw you off this f—–g balcony.”
Then along comes these two from the House Republicans:
Republican Congressman Randy Forbes (VA) led a crusade to convince members of the National Republican Campaign Committee not to support openly gay Republican candidates running for Congress.  
Gays have bad plumbing. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) stated earlier this month that judges who rule in favor of same-sex marriage, “need some basic plumbing lessons.”  No list for dumb comments would be complete without Gohmert.
Republicans as a whole today have a real problem with the people speaking for them to the stage there are days you want to hit your head on the wall for stupid comments out of Republicans. Not only is it Congress but the RNC is trying to figure out why women are deserting them in droves after the 2012 comments on rape by their candidates?  Add those comments to these from Mike Huckabee who is thinking of running for President as a Republican:
Mike Huckabee and the giant libido. At last week’s RNC meeting, Mike Huckabee stated that Democrats want women to believe that they are helpless, without “Uncle Sugar” providing them birth control since “they cannot control their libido … without the help of the government.”
When you thought people speaking for Republicans couldn't get any dumber, think again as this time it is against gays and minorities.  Don't think the rebranding of the GOP by the RNC is working out very well, e.g.,
Demonizing gays is “common sense.” RNC committeeman Dave Agema astoundingly stated a few weeks ago that Russia’s anti-gays laws are “common sense.”  (ask to resign)
Iowa GOP’s “fun with racism” quiz. On Friday, Iowa’s Republican Party posted a flowchart “quiz” on its Facebook page that jokingly asked people to determine, “Is Someone a Racist?” The chart concluded, “If you think this flowchart isn’t funny, then this flowchart is racist.”  
Sarah Palin misplays the race card. To commemorate last week’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Sarah Palin commented on Facebook, “Mr. President, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and all who commit to ending any racial divide, no more playing the race card.” 
My next question is why are people voting for Republicans today who can think because it is obvious the hard right has not only forgotten how to think and reason but they have no common sense.  Boggles my mind that any woman or a minority could keep supporting Republican candidates who think they are less then equal.  Makes no sense to me -- it is like the hard right is so into Fox News and their pundits along with talk radio,  they have lost the capability to think for themselves.  Little did I know when the Democrats were talking about Rush Limbaugh's mind numbed robots that were right in a lot of instances as I have met some of them over the years and just shake my head.

Hope you enjoyed this article on the obstructionists Republicans and why I consider them USELESS as members of Congress and Spokespeople for the GOP!  Wish I could say it was satire because that is how it reads but the comments are sourced.  That's how far the Republican Party has sunk when you think their comments could be satire.

Please open up your eyes with your brains and look very closely at who you are voting for in 2014 -- we need to get this Country moving forward at a faster pace for all Americans not just the wealthy. That requires ousting Republicans in Congress who put the wealthy over the average America like Cong Paul Ryan (R-WI) is doing with his new budget which is an insult to anyone who thinks as he is doing Tax Cuts for the Rich on the Backs of the Middle Class. 

Welcome to the world of today Republican candidates who are mostly bought and paid for by wealthy donors starting with the Koch Bros and Karl Rove who pull the strings to get what they want.  Do us all a favor and think hard before you vote, remember this, and vote accordingly:

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