Friday, March 7, 2014

Rep Issa Needs to Resign as Head of House Investigation Committee NOW!

Rep Issa (R-CA) may be the biggest jerk of either party to head the Investigation Committee while Speaker Boehner is flat out wrong after seeing this video, if he bothered to watch, defend this lowlife.  Do Republicans not know any shame or what the word "decorum" means?  For the non-educated in the Republican Party:  
Decorum:  correct or proper behavior that shows respect and good manners 
Decided to use the Merriam Webster Learner's Dictionary to make it easier for Republicans to understand the word "Decorum" because it is obvious they have no clue.

This interview on Hardball including the clip of President Reagan saying he paid for the microphone when they tried to cut him off in the campaign is well worth watching.  This is a reminder of the man that Speaker Boehner and the Republicans in the House stand behind.

What kind of a House is Boehner running when someone can run a committee like this -- turning off the microphone of the ranking member of the Democrats on the Committee.  Do Republicans want the Democrats to have no voice?  This is not how the Congress worked up until the Republicans took the House in 2010 and Republicans started filibustering in the Senate in 2009 when President Obama won the White House which has been more then all the time in the history of filibusters.  Republicans have lost it and look like mean, angry, old white guys who act like bullies.  Do Republicans refuse to honor the results of the election since President Obama was elected twice by the Country, and the lowlife Republicans are still filibustering in the Senate to stop anything from passing.

After things I have learned this week, I cannot believe these Republicans are even in charge of the snack cart in Congress.  They deserve to be banished to the dust bin of history -- in fact the whole party does with the spectacle going on at CPAC in DC this weekend which makes me cringe but that has been happening for years.  Difference is this group of hard right are now in charge of the Republican Party.  

In my lifetime, I have never seen someone who as head of a committee be so rude and nasty to the Ranking Member of the opposite party.  Issa is the worst example of a thug in a suit I think I have seen.   Republicans in Congress have lost it between the trumped IRS Scandal, Benghazi, and voting the 50th time in the House to repeal ACA. 

It gets even worse as the lawyer for the person they wanted to answer questions on the IRS Scandal agreed to answer the questions for the witness but Issa was having none of that after all he is King of this House Committee on Oversight and Investigations and everyone will do as he says.

The Republicans truly are "USELESS."

Have a terrific weekend and get ready next week for the road to the NCAA March Madness to begin with Conference tournaments of the larger conferences.  This is the time of year that it is basketball 24/7, spring football for colleges, and regular season opens for Major League baseball.  What you have is a trifecta for the sports fans of America!

Boomer Sooner!

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  1. You have such a rich fantasy life. Issa - resign? Yea, right - when pigs fly.