Friday, March 28, 2014

Russian President Putin Blinked -- Calls President Obama on Ukraine

According to Bloomberg, Russia was already starting to feel the effects of the sanctions.  During this week's G-7 Conference, leaders of the European Union discussed even tougher sanctions against Russia which seems to have sparked President Putin to reconsider his saber rattling at least for now. Did Putin believe the loudmouthed Republicans that President Obama was weak?   If he did, he found out they like talk to hear themselves talk and espouse a narrative since they have a problem with facts. Best to ignore what they have to say because most of the time recently it has added little to the conversation.  When President Obama does something the Republicans want they then decide it is not such a good idea and go the opposite direction.  The credibility of Republicans in Congress is rapidly going into a black hole. So happy that today the President seems to just laugh it off as you cannot please these Republicans.  Today he once again is showing he can get the job done without their support.  
The President is proving to the neocons that diplomacy does work which is something they cannot seem to understand as today another Bush Administration official, Former Secretary of State Condi Rice joined Former Sec of Defense Rumsfeld and Former VP Cheney talking about being tough and trying to rally Americans to support another war.  Takes a lot of nerve from the trio that got us into Iraq on false pretenses to say anything at all.  Arrogance of former Republican leaders from the Bush Administration knows no bounds as we are seeing on an almost a daily basis.  Extremely happy that President Obama doesn't seem to pay the saber rattlers much attention.  Smart man!
The White House readout on the call is telling (Note: Russian Pravda has still not reported the call):
Readout of the call by Russian President Putin to President Obama from the White House
President Putin called President Obama today to discuss the U.S. proposal for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, which Secretary Kerry had again presented to Foreign Minister Lavrov at the meeting at the Hague earlier this week, and which we developed following U.S. consultations with our Ukrainian and European partners. President Obama suggested that Russia put a concrete response in writing and the presidents agreed that Kerry and Lavrov would meet to discuss next steps. 
President Obama noted that the Ukrainian government continues to take a restrained and de-escalatory approach to the crisis and is moving ahead with constitutional reform and democratic elections, and urged Russia to support this process and avoid further provocations, including the buildup of forces on its border with Ukraine. 
President Obama underscored to President Putin that the United States continues to support a diplomatic path in close consultation with the Government of Ukraine and in support of the Ukrainian people with the aim of de-escalation of the crisis. President Obama made clear that this remains possible only if Russia pulls back its troops and does not take any steps to further violate Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. President Obama reiterated that the United States has strongly opposed the actions that Russia has already taken to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
The comments by Jason Easley, Politicususa, made my afternoon:
Bloomberg reported that the sanctions are pushing Russia’s economy towards a recession and that current sanctions will already hurt Russia’s economic growth for two quarters. Experts also suggest that the energy sector of the Russian economy could take a big hit if the sanctions are expanded. 
All of the Republicans who suggested that sanctions have been a pointless failure are wrong. The sanctions are doing what they are supposed to do. Putin is coming to the table, and he suggesting that he is ready to solve this crisis diplomatically. 
President Obama hasn’t needed troops or to threaten militarily. His administration has clearly targeted Putin and the oligarchs that control the Russian economy. Republicans have been like fanboys with their praise of Putin’s strength, but it turns out their new hero has been being brought to his knees by the intelligent and determined foreign policy of Barack Obama.
Imagine that -- sanctions are starting to work and there is zero need to even consider going to war. What do Republicans have to say now their hero, Putin, blinked?

The call from President Putin was made to President Obama while he was in Saudi Arabia today  on a formal visit with Saudi King Abdullah.   Wonder what made President Putin pick today while the President was meeting with Saudi leaders after yesterday when he met with Pope Francis?  Is Putin feeling world opinion turning against him?  Time will tell!

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