Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow, Sleet, Bitter Cold Affects Oklahoma and Heads East!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate winter and this winter in Oklahoma seems to be a lot longer than most.  Usually by now my daffodils are blooming but this year are just coming up through the snow/sleet that came down Sunday.  Daffodils get morning sun so they are always out early but this year full sun has not been that plentiful either compared to the past.

Yesterday at 2:00 in the afternoon it seemed like dusk it was so dark -- finally this afternoon the the temperatures are 23 degrees after spending most of the morning around 10 degrees and at one time the child factor hit -12 below.  Feel like I am back in Ohio not in Oklahoma.  Finally this afternoon snow is melting off the rooftops but now saying it will be dangerous driving tonight as it refreezes.  Hibernated yesterday and doing the same today.  There is absolutely no reason to go outside -- none!

Welcome to winter in Norman, Oklahoma that doesn't want to end!

Picture was taken in the afternoon and after that more came down and streets became totally covered in Norman.  This shows how dark it was yesterday afternoon.  (Norman Transcript)
March 3, 2014 
Layer of ice causes closures, wrecks 
By Jessica BruhaThe Norman Transcript 
NORMAN — After a layer of ice covered roadways this weekend, several area schools canceled classes and activities for today. School closures included Norman, Moore and Noble Public Schools, the University of Oklahoma and Moore Norman Technology Center. 
Oklahoma Highway Patrol stayed extremely busy responding to accidents due to the slick roadways. Lt. Brian Orr said officers responded to 25 to 30 accidents in Cleveland County alone Sunday, many being non-injury accidents. 
“There have been some minor injury accidents, but nothing major,” Orr said. “They’ve been mainly on the interstate.” 
Norman dispatch reported Sunday the police department stopped responding to non-injury accidents and no major collisions occurred. Norman Fire Department reported they did not respond to any weather-related calls Sunday. 
National Weather Service Meteorologist Marc Austin said the Norman area received anywhere from an eighth of an inch to maybe a half-inch of snow and sleet Sunday, with a half-inch possibly being a little inflated of a number. 
Austin said Sunday night there should have been a transition from sleet to snow with more cold air filtering into Oklahoma. There was a possibility for an inch to an inch-and-a-half of snow overnight in the area, he said. 
Low temperatures Monday morning were expected to be in the single digits with wind chills anywhere from -5 to -12, Austin said. In addition, any precipitation that fell Sunday night will most likely stick, causing roadways to still be slick today. 
Highs for Monday will be around 20 degrees, he said. However, it will warm up and melt off later in the week, with temperatures getting closer to the 50s by Wednesday. 
More stories at The Norman Transcript
When the University of Oklahoma closed early last night, you knew that the weather was getting worse and would be a mess today with the roads.  This has to be the most snow days for schools since we have lived in Oklahoma.  Just don't remember the bitter cold that we are seeing this year -- maybe once a year but this is becoming a habit.

After the win against University of Texas in men's basketball on Saturday, don't mind hibernating for two days!

Here's looking forward to warmer temperatures later this week but hearing another storm headed in next week.  Ready for spring!

Boomer Sooner!

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