Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hobby Lobby For Profit Company Buys Merchandise for Resale from China the #1 Country for Abortion

Hobby Lobby Opposes Paying for Contraceptives for their Female Employees Counting some Forms Abortion before SCOTUS? Hypocrites?

Yesterday I made comments on one of the websites about Hobby Lobby's owner David Green who buys most of his merchandise from China where abortion is rampant seeming like a hypocrite.  Also was complaining about the Oklahoma Attorney General wasting our tax dollars to support a corporation.   It was posted to a Facebook page.   Don't post on Facebook generally speaking -- not my cup of tea much prefer Twitter. I post openly and don't hide behind a pseudo name on either site.   Some of the comments were laughable they were so off the wall but two things the religious right refuses to answer when it comes to Hobby Lobby:
1.  How can you buy your merchandise from the leading country for abortion and consider that a business decision to make more money but make it your business to tell your women employees they cannot have access to contraceptives from their insurance company because Hobby Lobby is a religious company?     
2.  How can you support your insurance company providing Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs as part of the insurance but not contraceptives for women?
Had graphics thrown at me and thought it was strange that it is 2014 and we are talking about birth control and contraceptives?  Feel like we are going back in time not forward.

Do the Texas Values Coalition understand where Green buys his merchandise?  How is denying contraceptives to women by a for profit company supporting religions freedom?  What am I missing?Where did these religious right come from who want to tell us how to live according to their standards? We are not supposed to have any beliefs of our own because we are not blessed like they are?   A neighbor has told me in the past if you don't go to church you cannot be a Christian.  We are not dealing with rationale people here.

This all white male movement in the Republican Party is starting to trouble me because you are hearing more and more that women shouldn't be allowed to vote -- only white males who are behind Hobby Lobby and the movement to deny women and minorities rights. Beginning to think most of the viagra users are white males the way they want to protect their access for free.  Heard on a country music station while driving a commercial about going to see a doctor for male problems with performance followed by a commercial for female lubricants. Think I need a new genre for music.

It is okay for men to have their prescriptions paid for by insurance but not contraceptives for women to keep from getting pregnant?  Is this about male dominance over women where women are supposed to stay home, be barefoot and pregnant especially in the Mormon Church.  Have some evangelical churches joined this movement who believe the reason to have sex is only to procreate.  If that is the case, then they don't need erectile dysfunction drugs when they get older, but yet they have demanded they be paid for as prescription from almost day one.  Guess it boils down to when you don't have a legitimate argument, those arguments you throw out sound stranger and stranger.

This group of hard right loudmouths are going to destroy religion if they keep this up -- they are usually angry and demanding you listen to them or you are going to hell -- such nice people (not).  They have all the answers if they pray hard enough they make a drought go away and get a flood just ask this Oklahoma minister who takes responsibility for the floods

People like him and others like him in Oklahoma are who are backing the Hobby Lobby attacks on women's contraceptives.   You sit here shaking your head remembering the days when these people were in the minority with loud voices in the GOP -- now those same people run the Republican Party which means that Party is no longer big enough to house them and a lot of more common sense people.

This article from Huffington Post shows women are not happy with the Hobby Lobby lawsuit -- hope they keep that in mind come November and start voting out the Tea Party and hard right from Congress and State Government:
Hobby Lobby's Facebook page turned into a social media war zone Tuesday afternoon. 
But people weren't fighting about crafts; they were discussing women's rights. 
The Christian-owned crafts supply chain is the largest of the companies challenging President Obama's health-care law in the Supreme Court. Hobby Lobby wants to be exempt from an Obamacare provision that requires for-profit companies to cover the cost of all FDA-approved contraceptives in their health plans. Hobby Lobby says certain forms of birth control are not in keeping with its religious beliefs. 
Most American women don't think companies should able to refuse to cover contraceptives, but the Supreme Court is having trouble ruling on the case, which will have wide-ranging implications on whether or not companies' religious beliefs should exempt them from federal laws. 
As the Supreme Court deliberated on Tuesday, Americans on both sides of the aisle took a stand on the issue on social media. Many shoppers flooded Hobby Lobby's page with thought-provoking dialogue: 
And snarky criticism (For the record, health insurance generally does cover Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs for men), as well as flat-out outrage while others called for a boycott of the store (some samples):

See Huffington Post for more comments
Will never darken the door of Hobby Lobby again and have bought a lot of items from them.  If they don't have what I am looking for at Michael's I will go on-line.  Not shopping Mardel religious book store which Green owns either.  He can keep playing to the hard right and they can spend their money there.

Cannot believe this is March 25, 2014, not March 25, 1954, the way the religious right is sounding when it comes to women's issues.

As for NRO, yes women died using coat hangars -- talk about head buried in the sand!  Little Green Footballs has the story.  The dishonesty on the right knows no end today.


  1. In order to inflict the R. J. Rushdoony - Gary North version of dominionism on the US, even the Christian faith must be revised, changed and truncated into something that is no longer viable. The only way people like Martin Green and his patriarchal associates are getting away with what they are doing is to literally change the way the entire Southern Baptist Convention, and independent Presbyterians view the Holy Trinity. It is no longer Father, Son, Holy Spirit, but Father over the son = men, Son subservient to the Father = Women, with the Holy Spirit as an after-thought. In order to grasp what their plans are, one must first understand that they are going back 1700 years to a specific heresy. The religion they are now practicing was created by Rushdoony, who believed that democracy is heresy. The eventual plan is to completely over throw the entire republic and turn it in to a religious world where godly men, anointed, will receive direction directly from God. Anyone who disagrees will be declared a heretic and subject to execution.

  2. Every single woman in the U.S. who wants contraception can get it. There is no denial of access, that's a straw man. The issue is the demand for everyone else to pay for it. Don't shop at Hobby Lobby, for whatever reason. Just don't demand that I pay for your contraceptives and abortions.