Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thank You President Obama for Standing for the American People!

This President speaks for me today.

Brookings is now saying that the Republicans in Congress are more of a threat to this Country then Al Qaeda which I happen to agree. There has been $24B taken out of our economy because of the hard right Koch Bros Tea Party 'my way or no way' group in the House and Senate. The so-called leadership had to wait 16 days before they would tell the Tea Party faction to shove it and work with Democrats.  Shows lack of spine on the part of House Leadership!

Only 1 in 3 of the House GOP Conference voted to end the shutdown and avoid default by working with Democrats to end the stalemate. Is January going to be another replay of this crap?

This also shows that there are more then 30-40 hard right Tea Party holding up reopening of Government as only 87 Republicans voted to reopen and avoid default.  We had one Representative Tom Cole here in Oklahoma vote to reopen/avoid default but the other four hard right voted to keep Government shut. Not one Texas Republican voted to open the Government and avoid default.  It shows Texas GOP is firmly following Ted Cruz, the Freshman Senator who is so arrogant that he is scary, yet the hard right loves him.  He doesn't care about the America people only the fact that he brought in a lot of money in campaign donations and now has a much larger email list - might as well have said "To He** with the American people!"

President Obama thanks the Federal Workers while the GOP attacks them.  Says all you need to know as a Federal Employee, current and retired, who stands for us -- it is the President!

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