Tuesday, October 15, 2013

House Republicans are Still Trying to Extract Demands via Blackmail with Debt Ceiling Default Looming

Senator Sanders (I-VT) once again tells it like it is about what is happening in this video:

Senator Sanders (I-VT) takes on the Koch Brothers and their support of Congressional GOP. Well worth viewing! The Koch billionaires taking on the American people over Affordable Care Act. Koch Bros want to repeal every piece of legislation that has been passed in the last 80 years that helps the middle class, seniors, and poor. Koch Bros want to abolish the minimum wage which says all you need to know about the hard right extremists Koch Brothers.

This picture says it all about the Republican hard right -- next time you hear someone from the hard right Tea Party claim to be a Patriot, tell them to shove it. Taking the Confederate flag to the White House as part of a so-called veterans march, says it all about the hard right Tea Party. Veterans are livid that they are being used by Palin, Cruz, Lee, and other hard right when a lot of the march were people from the Values Voter Summit who never served but marched like they did.

This flag in front of White House shows how low the Tea Party has gone with their un-American activities - guess they think we are still fighting the Civil War?

It is beyond disgusting what we are seeing out of the hard right so-called Republicans who are responsible for so many of us no longer supporting or helping Republicans.  We are taking our support, our efforts, and our votes to the Democrats to oust these lowlifes.  Taking the Confederate Flag to the White with being a symbol of slavey shows the hard right has no integrity or sense of history as they attack our President.

The Koch Bros and hard right have managed to destroy the Republican Party of our parents who would not recognize this bunch of jerks.  My Father fought in WWII, my Grandfather in WWI who was gassed in Europe and died when my Dad was five, our family served in the Civil War from SE Ohio fighting for the Country and an end to slavery, and my ancestors who were here before the Revolutionary War in Virginia fought for American Independence.  

My great, great grandfather wrote a letter to President Johnson after the end of the Civil War demanding that veterans of that war receive the benefits they were promised.  Come from a long line of activists it seems.  Been around the Air Force most of my adult life and our family has been moved around the Country over the years by AFMC.  Everyone we know from our travels around the Country for the Air Force is disgusted with the Koch Bros GOP.    

The fact that a majority of the House GOP wants to continue the shutdown and default on the debt is mind boggling. House GOP is torpedoing the Senate negotiations that were almost finished.  Boehner let it be known that he was not happy with the Senate negotiations.  Now McConnell has backed off until Boehner makes a decision.   House Republicans are still trying to extract demands via blackmail.  
We cannot trust the Republicans of today as they have no ethics, honesty or now patriotism as they put facing a primary threat from the Tea Party above the Country and all of us!  Will Speaker Boehner finally stand up to the hard right or will he continue to be spineless and allow this Country to default along with keeping the Country shut down.  He has been telling the media he was against the shutdown and won't let the Country default but does he have to spine to back it up by having Democrats join with a few Republicans to pass the Senate bill.  Is Boehner's Speakership more important then the Country? We are going to find out very shortly.  I sure wouldn't bet on Boehner getting a backbone.  

Update at 4:30 p.m.:  Heritage Foundation just told Tea Party not to vote for Boehner bill tonight so the Koch Bros GOPHouse has their marching orders as they are under the thumb of Ted Cruz and Jim DeMint not the American people.  

God help us all as the House Republicans are prepared to default and nothing we can do as the Koch Bros plan is put in motion by the GOP.  Koch's should be arrested and tried for sedition IMHO along with some others like DeMint who have been cheerleading the default.    

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