Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cong Pete Sessions ($-TX) has Zero Class by Attacking the President in a Meeting!

Barack Obama has been a good president, but he is an even better person. Jason Easley

Couldn't agree more with Easley and why the Republicans are losing people like me every day because of their hate filled rhetoric toward the President, minorities, women, veterans, gays. etc.  It is so over the top that it lends credibility that some of it is racist toward the President.
Know one thing - I regret EVER working to elect any current Republicans - wasted my time and money on liars and people with no class as we witness every day.  Their mantra of accusing others of what they are doing is beyond disgusting.  When Cong Joe Wilson yelled "you lie" at the President during the State of the Union, I thought it was in poor taste but unfortunately, Pete Sessions (R-TX) topped that by a mile at a White House Meeing on the Shutdown and Debt Ceiling:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told his Democratic caucus last week in a private meeting that a top House Republican said to President Barack Obama, “I cannot even stand to look at you,” according to two Democratic senators who were present. 
The account was confirmed by two Senate Democratic aides who said they independently learned of the exchange from other senators. 
The two senators who spoke to HuffPost did not hear the Republican make the remark, but said a top White House aide who was present later told Senate Democratic leaders that the lawmaker who said he couldn’t stand to look at the president was Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Rules Committee. 
Reid then told the caucus about the incident on Tuesday and named Sessions, according to one of the two Democratic senators who spoke to HuffPost. Reid also told the caucus that he was “sorry” to have to tell them about it, per this senator, but gave Obama credit for his “dignified” response to Sessions. Reid reportedly told the caucus that Obama responded to Sessions by saying he understood that they disagreed on many issues and he respected their differences.
Will never venture into Texas again (used to live there) to help another Republican in the House or anyplace else in this Country.  This shows the low class of today's Republicans and the class of the President.  President Obama should not have to put up with these GOP idiots posing as Representatives.  I wouldn't make a statement like that to someone I detested no matter who it was. Shows Pete Sessions has zero respect for the Office of the Presidency.  Wish I could say his district would toss him but it is Texas and they have a low threshold for Republicans to pass.  Absolutely disgusting.

Must admit that I was one of those that figured the Durbin story was correct about what the GOP House Member had said to Obama - I just had the wrong GOP Member as I could see Cantor doing something like that but Sessions?  That shows how far right and negative the GOP is today in the House.  I couldn't see Kevin McCarthy or John Boehner saying that but others - definitely:
Sen. Dick Durbin’s claim about about the insult to the president was flatly denied by the White House, because this administration has a policy of ignoring and downplaying comments and events that could be viewed as racial attacks against this president.
Many people who follow politics, and understand the hatred that many congressional Republicans have for this president, suspected that Sen. Durbin was telling the truth. 
Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats Senators and aides have now confirmed the story.
Been saying there were more then 30-40 hard right that were holding up a deal on the continuing resolutions and the debt ceiling.  IMHO this confirms that supposition.  It is more like 2/3rds of the GOP Conference is now hard right.  Not one Texas Republican voted to reopen Government or raise the debt ceiling.  Shows how hard right the Texas delegation has gone starting with Sen Cruz -- good chance they will lead the way for a takeover of Texas by Democrats in the next four years as more and more Republicans get fed up with the hard right lunge of the GOP.

If I was a Texas Democrat I would be going after Sessions seat,  Unlike what the Texas GOP spins not every Texas Republican hates this President or are hard right.  The problem is that only the hard right is heard in the Republican Party today and the rest of us have been told to take a hike more than once.

Some of these GOP strategists that go on the cable news shows repeat GOP rhetoric with their stupid comments but then in order to represent the Republican Party today you would to be hard right yourself or stupid because people with common sense could never defend the GOP of today.

President Obama showed class while Rep Pete Sessions is a classless jerk which represents the GOP well today who cannot seem to get over they lost the election.  Here's to many, many more losses by the hard right Republican Party!

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  1. It's all so simple. We're hearing from the GOP today, that they don't want people who aren't white males to vote. Let's face simple facts. Barack Obama doesn't match their decorative color scheme. He just doesn't fit the template. So it's open season on hatred. Tea party freak Doug Lamborn of Colorado just called Obama a Tar Baby. At least they have removed their racism from the closet and are just being who they are - bigots! I gather the GOP talking points today was all about white male verses black male and white male verses women of all races. I get it. White is white, black is black, and black shall not vote, lead, or if under a certain age, be allowed to love. Don't you just this brave new libertarian, Koch world?

    The Pink Flamingo