Monday, October 14, 2013

Enough Already - Time for House GOP to "DO THEIR JOB" - Vote for a Clean CR and Debt Ceiling Hike

This is my letter from Saturday to my Congressman Tom Cole, Republican from the 4th District of Oklahoma.  I have been sending him emails voicing my disgust now for two weeks but doubt if it makes a difference:
You are probably as tired of hearing from me as I am writing but you need to understand how many of the civil service I know feel about the attacks that have been coming their way from the GOP.  They are totally disgusted.  I can only speak for white collar civil service and the hours many of them put in over 40 each week because of cutbacks.  I was one myself and my husband had 33 years before retiring and there were times on source selection and other programs he worked through the weekend without additional pay. 
 There are many more like him at all the places we have been assigned and yet GOP members of Congress attack them as worthless and overpaid.   
The answer is simple - do your job - pass a Clear CR and Debt Ceiling Hike and then negotiate.  If you hadn't negotiated in bad faith earlier, this would not be a problem but when Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted - you tainted any further negotiations.  What makes the GOP cave to the Tea Party - we all know the answer to that -- lack of backbone and refusing to stand up for the American people.   
You are the only person of our delegation who even voted for VAWA so I know you are not hard right.  Please join Peter King in speaking up instead of going along to get along.  Our district deserves better.   
Not one penny should be going to members of Congress after 1 October when you cannot pass a budget and refused 18 times to go to Conference Committee on the Budget so you could shut down Government as a Conference.  Obvious from the Saturday night video you were enjoying the possibility of a shutdown just as much as the TP.  What happened to the Tom Cole I worked for to send to Congress? 
How would you like to be working and not getting paid or be a veteran and not sure you will see another check?  If the GOP lets this Nation default all of you should resign immediately for being too stupid to pass clean bills and stop wanting something in return. 
GOP according to Boehner got 98% the last time so now you want more?  That veterans bill was a sham cutting $6.1B more then agreed.  The GOP Conference doesn't have a clue about the oath they took as you take the Nation toward default. 
Do your job! 
After I sent this, I discovered that the GOP in the House had changed the rules at the last minute to make it near to impossible for the Democrats to bring anything to the floor as they decided everything had to go through Cantor.  This is NOT what our founding fathers envisioned.  The House is supposed to represent the people but the GOP House only represents the wealthy and the hard right of the GOP like the Tea Party, social conservatives, and religious to name a few.  The rest of us in red districts are not represented by today's Republican Representatives until we live in the NE where you still find a few common sense GOP compared to the Red States.

This video says it all and shows a contempt the Koch Bros GOP House has for the American people to change a rule right before the shutdown:

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