Saturday, October 5, 2013

Are Koch Bros GOP TP Threatening the Stability of our Government with GOP Shutdown to Stage a Takeover?

“We’re very excited,” said Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). “It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it.” 
Message to House GOP/TP Obstructionists and their supporters:  We are not going away, and we will not be defeated as many of us who joined Republicans for Obama stand firmly with Democrats and Independents who are standing with President Obama and for Obamacare.

We will be working 24/7 to defeat all Republicans in 2013/2014 who do not stand up for a clean Continuing Resolution Bill and Raising the Debt Ceiling with no strings attached.  The Koch Bros may have the dollars but we have the boots on the ground as more and more people are willing to work to take this Country back from the crazies.  Since so many what used to be normal GOP Congressmen have joined in with the Koch Bros Tea Party, they have lost our respect and our vote for Congressman/woman.  House GOP TP was giddy Saturday night coming out of the Conference to go to the floor to vote to shutdown government even know they knew their bill was DOA in the Senate which it was.
If you spend some time at the media outlets of the “true conservatives” you will realize that they are “giddy” celebrating the shutdown, and “ideally” want to keep the government shut down “through the 2014 elections” because people in government are “terrified that you might discover you don’t need them.”
I am proud I cast my vote for President Barack Obama and now stand firmly behind him in his demand for clean bills which doesn't seem to penetrate the brains of most of the GOP Conference.  Maybe it cannot get past the alcohol they have been drinking since according to reporters the alcohol stench is overwhelming.  There are votes in the House to pass a clean bill but Speaker Boehner refuses to bring it to the floor for fear of losing his job.  Putting your job over the Country means you are the biggest sell-out in history.  President Lincoln had to arrest people including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on his goal of ending slavery.

Now we have a bunch of people led by the Koch Bros who want an overthrow of our Government and want the Government to stay shutdown until after the 2014 election which they are stating openly. That is truly frightening but this Nation cannot give into the hard right demands no more then Lincoln could give into the southern states demand they leave the Union.  This is what today's hard right GOP TP conservatives are all about:
Suicide Pact
Have you ever wondered what is going through the head of a suicide bomber at the moment he or she hits the trigger button? Just spend some time reading conservative blogs and media as they encourage each other to blow up the government. Let’s hope this fever subsides before the debt ceiling is reached.
Reading these comments from the hard right Tea Party Republicans some of who are members of Congress and then watching this video of the President is quite a contrast.  You have a leader in President Obama who wants to do what is best for all Americans versus a bunch of hard right who are willing to see the Government fail to get their way and take over something they couldn't do at the ballot box in November 2012.  They are traitors to the United States in my book.

I am ready to go to the Board of Elections to change my registration to Democrat as I refuse to be a part of the Party of photo ops and stunts.  This shutdown of government over Republicans not getting the way has totally lost me.  I was already going to work for Democrats in 2014 but now I am going to become one next week.  Been a part of Republican politics most of my adult life except when I worked for the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Over the years I have worked various campaigns from national to local races.  I have been the Vice Chair of my County, President of the oldest women's club in Oklahoma, and precinct chair more times then I can count.  I was part of Bush-Cheney and was in charge of a rally at the Capitol in OKC during the Florida fiasco.  If anyone asks what started my eventual break-up with the Republican Party would say it was the transfer to Oklahoma as part of the closure of Kelly AFB.  Was given a choice by my husband - Georgia or Oklahoma.  There was not enough money to make me move to Warner Robins, GA, in the heart of south so we choice Oklahoma and the kids and I chose Norman, the home of the University of Oklahoma.  My husband moved first and then we joined him in January 1997 after a move from the San Antonio area.  With the depot closing at Kelly AFB, we moved north.

There was one request on the move from me and that was season tickets to Sooner football which we were able to get and still have today.  Will be at Owen Field tonight yelling for the Sooners against TCU.

Norman is a progressive town and home to The University of Oklahoma so we have people from all the world living here in Norman.  We are also home to the USPS Training Center and the National Weather and Storms Prediction Center.  The research at OU under President Boren has been climbing every year in various fields.  OU has some of the oldest manuscripts in the world by authors in the earlier centuries.  It is an amazing place to live as academics, sports, culture, and saving the environment all are joined.

I had a bad feeling about the Tea Party and NEVER supported them from the beginning.  When AFP became a big supporter of their cause in 2010 I knew something was wrong because a lot of their people have no clue how Government works which I have seen up close and personal.  Never liked the Paulbots either and why I quit as a Republican precinct chair when our inept County Chair assigned a Paulbot to me.  BTW, when he was elected, two of his slate were not qualified -- one was still a Democrat and the other not registered in our County but that was okay because he was a social conservative.  (sarcasm)

Then my blog, DemocratsforSale, which was taking on Republicans more then Democrats kept getting taken off line by attacks.  It is still off line and will never reappear because in doing the research for the blog discovered that the people for sale were not the Democrats but Republicans who had sold out to the big donors.  After hearing all the rhetoric out of the GOP candidates and know I could never support Romney under any circumstance, I joined Republicans for Obama and found a home.  After that, I joined Obama for America which has morphed into Organizing for Action of which I am a charter member as I moved over with others right away to take up the fight on issues.

That puts me here today and I am still fighting for the President's issues against a group of cowards who are afraid to admit that Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare is the LAW of the land not a bill.  After 44 votes to destroy ACA, you would think GOP TP would get a hint that they have lost the battle and the war especially since so many Americans have already signed up.  They are finding their healthcare costs will go down and now Disney is moving people from part-time to full time so they can get ACA. Walmart is now changing their tune and going to do the same thing according to Forbes which is a huge shocker.  Walmart is learning the hard way that hiring a bunch of part-time workers with no benefits doesn't work as their shelves are empty in a lot of stores because there is no one to stock them.

There are changes that could be made to ACA to strengthen it but from Day One the GOP has been about killing ACA not working with Democrats.  Eighteen times, Majority Leader Reid in the Senate has asked Republicans to come to a conference committee on the budget but it has been blocked by Senate/House Republicans.  The biggest hypocrisy came when the House GOP attached a conference request to the CR when the President has said pass a clean CR.  Already the Democrats have agreed to budget numbers of the Republicans but that is not good enough, they now want more.  That is why you don't negotiate with hostage takers.

Can no longer be a member of a Party that puts their re-election over the American people and the economic health of our Country.  To the sellouts in Republican Party -- you can all sink together in the dustbin of history because the historians are not going to be kind for the crap you have pulled on America.  You have forgotten your oaths to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America in order to appease the Koch Bros.  Some conservatives are calling for the shutdown to last until the 2014 elections:
Although many Republicans claim Americans will not notice the effects of the shutdown and intend keeping it in place until the 2014 midterms to prove government is unnecessary, real Americans are already feeling the shutdown’s consequences. For example, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) halted its flu program just as flu season gets underway, over 2 million federal employees will have paychecks delayed and 800,000 may never be repaid, and food safety operations will grind to a halt. For disabled Americans their benefits could be interrupted, the Women’s, Infants, and Children (WIC) program serving 9 million poor women and children is suspended, and Head Start programs start closing soon. Millions of Veterans may miss the benefits if the shutdown lasts more than two weeks because the Department of Veterans Affairs said it may not have money to pay disability claims and pension payments. The shutdown could affect 3.6 million Veterans, so they had better start making poverty plans today because Republicans plan to keep government closed at least until the deadline to raise the debt ceiling in two weeks. The shutdown may last until the 2014 midterm elections when they hope to make it permanent because they claim the people will realize they do not need, or want, a federal government; even for national security. 
Republicans exposed themselves as the traitors they are because about 70% of the 86,000 civilians employed at 16 U.S. intelligence agencies have been furloughed prompting the spokesman for the director of national intelligence to warn that “the intelligence community’s ability to identify threats and provide information for a broad set of national security decisions will be diminished for the duration.” It seems reasonable that the intelligence community would identify the Republican shutdown as a threat to national security, but without 70% of its workforce, it is likely many threats, including those posed by teabaggers and Republicans, will go unidentified “for the duration.”
It cannot be stressed strongly enough that the shutdown’s duration, according to many Republicans, is going to be at least through the Republican debt ceiling crisis at which time the solvency, or lack thereof, of the government may inform that Republicans succeeded in their goal of a permanent government shutdown. Americans need to comprehend that this shutdown tactic was not just about preventing 30-million uninsured citizens gaining access to affordable healthcare insurance; it was also about Republicans gaining leverage in the impending crisis over the debt ceiling and beyond. According to the National Review, “Boehner called groups of members to his Capitol office, and it became clear, members say, that Boehner’s chief goal is conference unity as the debt limit nears.” The Republican message has shifted away from defunding the Affordable Care Act to items Boehner talked about slashing last month including discretionary spending cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and concentrating on tax reform (cuts) for the rich and corporations. 
From the Chamber and its groups to Wall Street and CEO's and the American people who have asked you Republicans in the House to pass a clean CR bill and raise the debt ceiling with no strings attached, you have ignored all of us to support the Koch Bros agenda.  After the House GOP is ignoring all the pleas, now they are not sure what they want but they want something in exchange for their vote on a clean CR.  You don't negotiate with terrorists and these Republican House GOP TP members led by Senator Ted Cruz of TX who is plotting with the House GOP have turned into domestic terrorists as they want to destroy the Government because they lost the White House and Senate.

One huge voice is missing from the calls for a clean CR -- the Libertarian Koch Bros who want to go back to the gold standard and turn this Country into a Libertarian Utopia where the middle class and poor are there to do their bidding.  Koch's want to do away with healthcare, minimum wage, social security, medicare, anything for the poor, unemployment insurance, OSHA rules, EPA, Department of Education and turn us into a 3rd World Country.

IMHO this is treasonous to try and take down the Government through allowing the United States to default on its monetary obligations.  If I had my way, the Koch Bros and others like Glenn Beck, Rush, et al who want a takeover of Government would all be in jail for trying to destroy America.  Their hatred for President Obama is so racist in nature that I cannot comprehend there are people who think that way but they are on full display during this CR and debt ceiling fight.

This contrast of the two parties says it all:


  1. Although I do not agree completely, I do agree on most points. I too will not be a republican. They have been in my humble opinion highjacked by the Tea Party, funded in part by self serving corporations. A prime example of a sheep in wolfs clothing.

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  3. The question you have posed is one that, on the surface appears to be extremely dumb and paranoid. Unfortunately, it's one we have all been asking, and feeling extremely dumb and paranoid, almost isolated in our delusions, hoping against hope that we're dealing with a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, we are nether dumb, stupid, nor paranoid. Fortunately - we're not the only ones starting to see things this way. Will enough eyes be open in time?