Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GOP/Tea Party House Stood United in Refusing to Pass Clean CR Bill Submitted by Democrats Today!

The president didn’t target all House Republicans, just the faction of 80 that are insisting on getting rid of the ACA.
The meeting at the White House with leadership of the Congress accomplished nothing this afternoon as Speaker Boehner remains entrenched on trying to negotiate defunding/delaying Obamacare and refusing to pass a clean bill.  Look at this picture and notice there is only one person acting like he is happy while the other three are disgusted.  
Speaker Boehner saying he didn't want the shutdown is garbage.  Now he won't even listen to the Chamber or Wall Street.  GOP/TP Speaker and his Leadership team are drunk on power if not on Jack Daniels as more reports of drinking have surfaced. This picture says it all about who is serious about the shutdown of Government and it is sure not Speaker Boehner but then he has the Tea Party and Ted Cruz backing the shutdown along with all the entities of the Koch Bros so he is riding high. Despicable.    

You may have heard some Republicans out in the media saying they are opposed to the shutdown.  Bet me!  They all voted together against a clean CR bill which would open Government back up:
An attempt by Democrats to force shutdown-ending legislation to the House floor failed on a 227-197 vote, with all Republicans in opposition. That left intact the tea party-driven strategy of demanding changes to the nation's health care overhaul as the price for essential federal financing, Despite grumbling from Republican moderates.
The stock market ended lower as Wall Street CEOs, Europe's central banker and traders pressed for a solution before serious damage is done to the economy. Chief executives from the nation's biggest financial firms met Obama for more than an hour Wednesday, some of them plainly frustrated with the tactics at play in Congress and with the potential showdown coming over the debt limit. 
This vote shows the Republicans have been lying to the media that only 30-40 House members are responsible for the shutdown.  House GOP/Tea Party Leadership had a chance to vote for a clean bill to end the shutdown and voted against the bill because it came from Democrats?  Any Republican still supporting these group of Neanderthals in the GOP/Tea Party House is either one of them or refuses to see the truth right before their eyes.
WASHINGTON — The Republican-run House has rejected an effort by Democrats to force a quick end to the partial government shutdown. 
By a 227-197 vote Wednesday, the House rejected a move by Democrats aimed at forcing the House to vote on immediately reopening the government without clamping any restrictions on President Barack Obama's health care law. 
The Democratic-run Senate has already approved such legislation. 
House Republican leaders have refused to allow their chamber to vote on that plan. They have approved legislation that would reopen government, but only with a one-year delay in the health care law's requirement that individuals purchase health insurance.
The partial shutdown began Tuesday.
Even Grover Norquist is blaming Cruz for the shutdown after convincing the House Members to stand against Obamacare or shut down government and then wandered away after the shutdown like Cruz had nothing to do with it.  Do you know how bad it is when the guy that twisted arms and threatened Republicans to sign his 'no tax pledge' or else is blaming Cruz.  You cannot make this stuff up although it reads like a work of fiction.

That's like the House passing piecemeal budget resolutions for three agencies, one of them being Veterans Affairs.  Then you discover they cut their funding to a much lower level then they had agreed to earlier when the Democrats agreed to use Republican numbers.  Did the GOP/TP House think people wouldn't notice?  Are they that dumb?

You cannot deal with hostage takers as the President has learned.  The GOP/TP House has the integrity and ethics of a gnat.  You deal with them at your own risk because they would rather bite off your hand.  Obama had this to say on CNBC today:
On a macro level, the president stressed that one of the reasons he could not bend much further was that it would forever institutionalize the concept of governing by hostage taking:
What we're debating right now is keeping the government open for two months. We would then be going through this exact same thing in the middle of Christmas shopping season, which I don't think many businesses would be interested in. We saw what happened in 2011. And then we'd have to go through it again six months from now and six months after that. And one thing that I know the American people are tired of, and I have to assume the vast majority of businesses are tired of, is this constant governing from crisis to crisis. So in that sense, do we need to break that fever? Absolutely. We have to stop doing that. Let's get a budget that allows people to plan over the long term that allows us to deal with our fiscal problems in a sensible, reasonable way. Even on an issue like health care, if they want to give me specific suggestions around how we can improve delivery of health insurance to people who need it, people with preexisting conditions, I'm happy to talk to them about it. But I'm not going to do it subject to the threat that somehow America defaults on its obligations.
From from the President's appearance on CNBC today:
President Obama wasn’t trying to scare Wall Street, but he did let them know what Republican behavior is going to cost them. Obama went on CNBC for a reason. He was intentionally reaching out to the financial sector to put heat on the House Republicans. The president didn’t target all House Republicans, just the faction of 80 that are insisting on getting rid of the ACA. 
The walls are closing in on Boehner and the tea party. Obama knows that Boehner may not listen or care about anyone else, but he jumps when corporate America snaps their fingers. The president has made it very clear that he will not negotiate over the CR or the debt limit. The president’s message hasn’t changed. Republicans will get nothing in exchange for reopening the government. 
President Obama and the Democrats are surgically cutting off the base of support for Republican Party. Obama has boxed Boehner and the tea party in. Speaker Boehner only has one option to get out of this. He has got to pass a clean CR and reopen the government.
If you want to contact your member of Congress to complain about the shutdown, it may take awhile because it seems the GOP/TP House members are not taking a lot of calls.

This whole scenario is deplorable especially when you realize they have taken 44 votes to defund Obamacare and still call it a bill when it was signed into law and declared constitutional by the SCOTUS which means it is the Law.  What more does it take but then they have people still saying Romney really won Ohio and cite Rove talking about Cleveland.  That is Bravo Sierra which made my brother and I laugh on election night as we grew up in Ohio and any Republican waiting for Cleveland area to come to give the GOP a win has to be drinking as it is heavily Democrat.

Epic fail once again on the part of the GOP/TP House starting with Speaker Boehner.

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