Monday, September 20, 2010

Rick Scott Lays Out Tax And Insurance Plans To Town Hall In Miami

Rick Scott has plans for Tax and Insurance while Alex Sink is part of the status quo. Sending Scott to Tallahassee will help clean up Tallahassee and make it responsive to the people.Property taxes in Florida have been a problem for sometime as they rose dramatically as home prices rose but didn't fall in most counties when home prices fell.

Using the assessment calculator below on the Alex Sink State site brings out some interesting figures:
If you pay $1600 in insurance premiums on your home and $1200 on your cars, you would be assessed $243 for a 1 in 25 year hurricane; $1,523 for 1 in 100 years, and $3,124 for 1 in 250 years.
Even if the hurricane does not touch your property, you will be assessed to pay for those home/automobile owners who don't have insurance. Welfare state is alive and well in Florida.

To find out how much in assessments (taxes) you are already paying to cover costs for property insurance, even if you don’t own a home, please visit This, coupled with the rising cost drivers that are a result of often fraudulent claims are costing all policy-holders and taxpayers. The impact these issues have on jobs and our economy is unacceptable.
No wonder new business doesn't want to relocate in Florida with their expensive insurance plans. Major insurance Companies have been pulling home owner's insurance out of Florida for some time due to property losses suffered from hurricanes which is driving up the rates. The insurance climate in Florida is bad for business. Something needs to be done to change the climate and also go after fraudulent claims.

Rick Scott Lays Out Tax And Insurance Plans To Town Hall In Miami

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – The Rick Scott For Florida campaign released the following remarks on tax and insurance plans as prepared for delivery by Republican gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott.

To read the entire plan, please visit:

“Today, I want to talk about taxes and insurance --two very important issues that must be addressed in order to put Floridians back to work and turn around our housing crisis. Politicians in Tallahassee like my opponent Alex Sink had an opportunity over the last four years to reduce property taxes and insurance, but instead made the problem worse.

“As an outsider who is not entrenched in the status quo or beholden to special interest, I have a plan that will lower property taxes for all homeowners in Florida who desperately need some tax relief, eliminate the business tax and address the insurance crisis.

“Florida is also in the top three states nationally in mortgage foreclosures and our economy has been crushed by housing price declines. 44% of our homes are underwater and property tax revenues have been growing faster than personal incomes. I will cut the state portion of property taxes by 19% for all homeowners in Florida helping to make their homes affordable again. And we will offset the cut with savings from my 777 plan.

“I will return citizens to the insurer of last resort, level the playing field so that solvent private insurers are allowed to compete with each other for business, not with the subsidized and financially unsound government run insurance company.

“Florida needs a thriving mitigation program that will incentivize homeowners to spend money to install features that harden their homes against hurricanes and will ultimately drive down cost. The fraud-based system that politics as usual gave us these past years was a failure.

“As Governor, I will make the following Tort reforms a priority: Bad Faith Reform, Product Liability & Crashworthiness, Disaster Recovery – Private Sector, Expert Testimony Reform, and Medical Related Reform.

“I proved them wrong on August 24th and we will again on November 2nd when voters a real choice between the failed policies of the past or the new solutions we need to turn our Sunshine State around. Our opportunities are too great, our future too bright for the old ways of government and the failed policies of the past. That’s why I invite you to join me in a completely different kind of campaign. Let’s shake up Tallahassee, turn our state around and get Florida growing again!”

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