Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet John Kasich for Ohio Governor; Mary Taylor for Lt Governor

Since our family left Ohio in 1981,  Ohio has changed dramatically from a state that was growing to a state where taxes have grown along with business and people moving out of the state. With high taxes and insurance, plus lack of jobs, it is time Ohioians gave this Republican duo a chance to govern because the Obamacrat Governor Strickland is only making matters worse with the Obama tax and spend philosophy which has also included some Republicans at the State House in recent years. Time to say NO! to higher taxes.

Ohio started their downhill spiral when Democrat leadership embraced the unions running everything which was a prescription for disaster. Ask the people of Dayton which was a very union town with union high salaries what happens when those auto industry jobs start disappearing. Dayton was home to innovation for years and then the UAW took over. That began the flight of white collar jobs in Ohio to more friendly tax states to be replaced by more and more blue collar workers. NCR moved to the Carolinas because of the tax structure of Ohio and the unions. Ohio needs to pass Right to Work but we have our doubts if the unions would permit it in Ohio.

The best chance to get Ohio moving forward again is to elect the Kasich/Taylor ticket. John Kasich is a former Congressman and the one thing we have always admired is his upbeat attitude which is sorely needed in Ohio. He is also not afraid to make the tough decisions that need to be made and to advance ideas for the good of the people of Ohio. Kasich has always been a listener to someone with good ideas.  In fact, you can offer your ideas to Kasich/Taylor at My Idea to Fix Ohio

This new ad from the Kasich/Taylor campaign tells the truth about what is happening in Ohio:

Why did it take so long to elect an accountant to be the auditor? Seems like it would be a prerequisite for the position:

On November 7, 2006, voters made history by electing Mary Taylor the first certified public accountant to serve as Auditor of State and she has provided the type of leadership Ohioans expect from their elected officials. She is making the same decisions in her office that families are making in their homes to reduce spending and become more efficient to help ensure long-term financial stability.

The Columbus Dispatch calls Mary Taylor "intelligent" and "articulate." Her hometown newspaper says, "After more than two years in office, Taylor's record as state auditor is virtually spotless with not even a hint of scandal."Mary Taylor got where she is today because she lives her life much like she governs: by doing the right thing. It's what she learned from her father growing up and it's a lesson he never fails to remind her of every time he sees her.
VOTE for Kasich/Taylor on November 2nd to get
Ohio moving forward again!

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