Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Texas Governor Rick Perry's Ad -- "Open for Business"

With the Texas economy continuing to grow just maybe Obama should have spent time talking to Rick Perry instead of snubbing him when Obama visited Texas. Evidence shows that Perry knows a lot more than Obama about how to help the economy.

First general election television spot
The campaign has launched its first television spot of the general election, called "Open for Business." The spot highlights the economic success Texas is experiencing because of the leadership and pro-growth policies put into place by Governor Rick Perry, including low taxes, less regulations, sweeping tort reform, and record job-creation. Texas has created far more private-sector jobs than all other states since 2005!

Texas Leads in Economic Recovery
The Dallas Fed has documented continued economic growth in Texas over the most recent six weeks. Texas is indeed open for business, and the nation's number one business climate under Gov. Perry continues to buck the national trend. Read more at RickPerry.org

Bill White's Metro-gate Disaster

Last week, Bill White's hand-picked metro leadership came under fire for breaking federal law and possibly costing taxpayers $900 MILLION. Bill White tried to ignore the issue, claiming he was not involved, but recently discovered mayoral calendars show he had numerous meetings with the agency while they were trying to circumvent federal law. Read more at LiberalBill.com

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