Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Republican Leader John Boehner on Fox Sunday about "A Pledge to America" is "About Now"

What have we heard against the Pledge to America released by Republican members of the House?

Obama doesn't like it and intends to take it apart piece by piece -- Score one for the House Republicans because if Obama doesn't like it, must be a very good plan.

Pictures don't show enough blacks -- note the word is enough blacks and Huffington Post could only find one -- obviously didn't look at the Town Halls too hard or they would see more. What struck us is at the Town Halls were mostly senior citizens. Anyone concentrating on pictures instead of what was said in the document is laughable. Guess you cannot please everyone.

Nancy Pelosi: Pelosi Counters GOP Pledge, Says Democrats ‘Stand By’ Obamacare -- “Our members have stated where they are on it," said Pelosi. "They have voted for it. They stand by it, and they are great advocates for it.”

Harry Reid: Wanted to know if it was a campaign gimmick or a plan. Figures from a Democrat as almost everything with them during campaigning is a gimmick. Obama 'Hope and Change' was not a plan but a gimmick slogan that has turned into a disaster. Didn't expect much more out of Reid with a hard election fight for his Senate seat.

That's just a few of the many comments on The Pledge to America. Democrats don't like it, pollsters are asking if it is a plan or gimmick, and mainstream media is trying to downplay a lot of the plan which adds up to one very good plan for American taxpayers.

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