Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ken Buck for Colorado Senator

Ken's wife Perry owns a small business in Greeley. She served as the Vice-Chair of the Colorado Republican Party for 4 years. Son Cody is a fourth year cadet at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Daughter Kaitlin is a sophomore at Clemson University

The paragraph below says it all about Ken Buck and how hard he has worked over the years to get where he is today. He understands what people are going through on a daily basis. As District Attorney, Ken has been able to help young people who were headed down the wrong path. When he first decided to run, Ken was way behind the establishment frontrunner, Jane Norton, but today the race is tight after Ken and Perry have been traveling around the state listening to voters and what they have to say about their opposition to what they see in Congress.

Over the course of his career, he has worked as a truck driver, high school football coach, ranch hand, school janitor, paper boy, furniture mover, adjunct law professor, prosecutor, and businessman. Ken knows what Colorado families face everyday and is well prepared to serve as their voice in the United States Senate.
When the dust settles after the Primary, we expect Colorado to have a very strong candidate who all Republicans can get behind. If you live in Colorado, consider giving your vote to the people's candidate, Ken Buck, in the primary. Most important thing to remember is that whoever wins the primary, Jane Norton, Ken Buck, or Cleve Tidwell, they will need support of Republicans throughout Colorado to beat the Democrat.


Connect with KEN

Thanks for stopping by my

I became a candidate for the U.S. Senate because of my growing concern about the direction the new Administration and new Congress are taking our country.

Having been elected District Attorney in Weld County twice by large margins I know how important it is to serve the public by doing what's right.

But too many in Congress today seem more interested in serving themselves and the special interests instead of the people they were elected to serve. Their irresponsible actions are putting our economic future at risk.

Colorado's appointed U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has quickly become part of the problem and is turning out to be just another reliable rubber stamp for the big spending, big government leaders in Congress. Bennet voted for the 800 billion dollar stimulus bill, admitting that he hadn't even read the bill. Bennet is ready to turn our health care system over to the federal government by pledging support for the so-called "public option" health plan. And Bennet is ready to hike energy prices and deal our staggering economy a deadly blow. He "wants to be for" the cap and trade disaster looming in Congress.

Well, Colorado is not going to settle for a rubber stamp Senator. The call to action to reclaim our U.S. Senate seat has been heard and people at home are responding with passion and enthusiasm.

Thousands of Coloradans have shared their concerns with my wife Perry and I as we have traveled through all 64 counties building the grassroots leadership team for my campaign. From downtown Greeley to main streets across the state, we have been overwhelmed by the willingness of so many to donate their precious time, energy and money to help our campaign get off to such a strong start.

If you share my concern about the direction the politicians in Washington are taking our country, I hope you will consider supporting my campaign. With your help, I can be the strong independent voice Colorado needs in the U.S. Senate.

Ken Buck

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