Saturday, June 26, 2010

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says new border signs are an outrage

If you only choose to get behind only one Republican Governor's candidate, please make it Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, who is standing up against the Obama Administration, LaRaza, and the Mexican President to defend their Immigration Bill that enforces what the Federal Government should be doing but won't.

These signs by the Obama Administration are a slap in the face to Arizona residents and the American people. If these signs are his idea of Border Security 80 miles from the border and 30 miles from the State Capitol to warn how dangerous the area is, then once again Obama has failed to deliver on a promise to provide Border Security.

Eighty miles from the Border, the Obama Administration has basically given the land to the illegals as these signs warn Americans how dangerous it is to travel in this area. These signs only 30 miles from the State Capitol show how poorly Napolitano performed as Governor as she allowed the illegals to continue to cross the border and evolve into the situation we have today. Guess she figures every illegal is a potential Democrat voter. Now as Secretary of Homeland Security she still does nothing to protect the Arizona border. Terrorists could easily cross the Arizona border into the United States but the Obama Administration doesn't seem to care.

Read Governor Brewer's letter to Obama asking for answers after her visit with him in the Oval Office on Border Security two weeks ago. When do you think he will get back to her? Probably not in the near future because he has too many golf dates planned.

This Republican Governor is standing up for the citizens of Arizona and America. She needs elected to a full term in office so she can continue to take on the Washington DC bureacracy of the Obama Administration and Democrat Congress. We need to send her some new members of Congress in January to join others like Senators McCain and Kyl and Congressman Flake who understand Border Security and will help Governor Brewer with this dangerous border situation.

Your vote on NOvember 2nd, 2010, is necessary to send Pelosi and Reid packing from leadership. We need to return some sanity to the halls of Congress where our Border Security will become a major issue and not shoved aside like is happening today with the Obama Democrats.

Watch Governor Brewer's YouTube video below and be reminded just how useless Obama and his Administration are when it comes to Border Security.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says new border signs are an outrage

Posted: 06/25/2010
Last Updated: 10 hours and 7 minutes ago

By: staff, wire reports
PHOENIX - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is calling a new border security initiative an outrage.

In a campaign video posted on YouTube Friday, Brewer stood in front of what she called newly posted signs by President Obama's administration about the Arizona desert being an active drug and human smuggling area.

"Washington says our border is as safe as it has ever been," Brewer said. "Does this look safe to you? What is our country coming to…we need to stand up and demand action. Washington is broken, Mr. President. Do your job. Secure our borders."

In a separate letter released the day before, Brewer told Obama she'd like specifics on National Guard deployments and other steps to be taken in Arizona before a planned Monday visit to Phoenix by Obama administration officials to discuss plans. The governor told reporters Friday she expects five officials from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security at the meeting.

The meeting is an outgrowth of Brewer's June 3 visit to the White House where she and Obama discussed border security and immigration.

Brewer is currently running for re-election as Arizona's governor.

Watch the full YouTube video below:


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