Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boehner Delivers Weekly Republican Address

June 12, 2010

Dear Friend,

In these tough economic times, American families have done their level best to stay afloat – spending less and working more while trying to map out a financially sound future. They deserve that same degree of discipline and vigilance from their government.

But instead, Washington continues to spend with reckless abandon, refusing to make tough choices and pushing the burden on to future generations.

This week I had the opportunity to deliver the Republican Weekly Address, where I discussed our nation's deteriorating fiscal health, and the letter I gave President Obama this week from more than 100 economists who say that to create jobs, we must start cutting spending now. I also talked about Republicans’ common-sense solutions to reform the way Washington spends our tax dollars.

When it comes to our nation’s fiscal situation, waiting and hoping for the best is no longer an option. Not when 43 cents of every dollar we spend this year is borrowed from our kids and grandkids.

You can access video of my address by clicking above. Please also consider checking out America Speaking Out and YouCut – two new House GOP initiatives designed to allow you to submit your ideas on how to restore fiscal accountability in Washington.

And as always, please continue to keep me updated on the issues that concern you.


/s/ John Boehner

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