Friday, June 18, 2010

Iowa Congressman Makes No Apologies for His Comments About Obama Favoring Minorities

It has become readily apparent that Obama favors minorities over whites to the stage you could call his comments and actions discrimination against whites. We noticed it during the campaign as he dissed his mother's white side of the family including his grandparents.

Once in office, it became perfectly clear with his pandering to blacks, muslims, and other minorities that whites were to take a back seat. Attorney General Holder's Department of Justice dropping the voter intimidation caught on tape against the New Black Panthers was evidence that change was going to be pandering to minorities.

Thanks to Congressman King (R-IA) for standing up and telling it like it is as so many of our elected officials want to play 'nice' and those days are over as Obama attempts to move this Nation on a path toward socialism bankrupting the United States as he moves along.

We still haven't recovered from reading about the federal judge in New York who wants Hispanics in a town to get six votes to apportion as they desire so Hispanics can be represented on the Town Council. What happened to one man, one vote. Judge rejected making six districts -- Why? Guess that doesn't apply where minorities are concerned -- ACORN has been making sure of that over the years with their voter fraud for Democrats.

When does it stop? When does Martin Luther King's wish that a man be judged on who he is as a person not the color of his skin become a fact? It obviously didn't happen with Obama being elected as the racial divide is farther apart than it has been in years thanks to his policies and comments. If you make a comment against an Obama policy, you are called racist. What does policy have to do with his race?

Iowa Congressman Makes No Apologies for His Comments About Obama Favoring Minorities
Fox ^ 6/16/10 Christina Corbin

Iowa Rep. Steve King said he is performing a public service by accusing President Obama of favoring blacks over whites.

"I'm standing up against something that is or could become racism," King told on Wednesday.

The Iowa Republican said he didn't misspeak when he told a nationally syndicated radio show on Monday that President Obama favors blacks over whites. King told the G. Gordon Liddy show that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder repeatedly demonstrate an unjust preference toward minorities.

King told that his comments alluded to a July 2009 incident in which a white police officer in Cambridge, Mass., arrested a black professor for disorderly conduct.
Before knowing all the facts, Obama said Sgt. James Crowley acted "stupidly" when he apprehended Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. outside his home. Obama later said he did not intend to malign the police offer -- and invited the two men to a "beer summit" at the White House -- but King claims his initial remarks showed a "built-in defense mechanism" that favors minorities.

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