Thursday, April 3, 2014

Today a Candidate has to Earn My Support and Vote -- Voting for the Candidate Not the Party!

From this day forward I am supporting candidates that I trust which leaves out about 98% of Republicans and all of their candidates for President.   I have a few local Republicans I will support because I know they are people of integrity, but that's it.

From now on a candidate has to earn my support and not automatically expect it because they belong to a political party -- I am voting for the candidate not the party.  It is never happening again where I support a candidate because of the political party they belong.  If a candidate wants my support and my vote, they have to earn it.  Two very good candidates in Oklahoma have already done just that:
Democrat Joe Dorman is running for Oklahoma Governor who is a voice for all the people not just wealthy donors.  He also doesn't think it is a dirty word to work across the aisle. He believes in funding education to give all our students a first class education. 
Democrat Matt Silverstein is running against Senator Inhofe for the Oklahoma Senate seat. Inhofe has been in office way too long -- he is not representing Oklahoma well today and should not be running for re-election IMHO.  Senator Inhofe is the king of pork barrel spending who has clashed with Senator Coburn for years who was against wasteful spending.
When I worked countless hours for elections of Republicans to Congress in the 2000s, I did so willingly but expected them to uphold their oath of office to work for the betterment of all of their constituents not just the wealthy.  How stupid and naive do you think a lot of of us feel today.  We bought into GOP rhetoric that our ideas meant something when the only thing that means anything to Republicans today is the big money people headed by the Koch Bros.

Thank you Senator Reid for pointing out the facts about the Kochs that many of us already knew but now the whole Country is finding out they want to buy our Country.
Republicans in Congress are wasting our tax dollars on their salaries for the few number of days worked as they have become obstructionist where compromise is a dirty word even when it benefits everyone.  They prefer to kiss the rings and do the bidding of GOP wealthy donors who call the shots.   Want proof?   Look no further then at Sen Moran from Kansas who read a Koch editorial on the floor of the Senate today.  Talk about a slap in the face to the American people -- the Koch duo who has spent millions to take over the Country now have a real bought and paid for Senator Moran, R-KS, to read their op-ed into the Congressional record on the floor of the Senate.  
That took nerve to read that editorial that appeared in the Rupert Murdoch Wall Street Journal.  This summed it up quite nicely:
Most senators, even the dumbest blowhards, choose to insert such BS into the Congressional Record without forcing their audience, small as it might be on any particular day, to actually listen. Moran's real audience, of course, wasn't whatever handful of Kansans or senators might have been tuned in. But is Moran's Thursday kowtow an omen that future salutes to hoi oligoi will be equally pathetic? Can't he and the rest of our purchased politicians not smear our noses in it?
Was driving through Kansas on my way to Denver when I saw my first sign for Moran running the first time for Senate -- thought his name was Moron as my brain didn't register the A -- several months later I was sent information on him when he won the primary and it was Moran.  Personally after his stint in the Senate as the lapdog of Koch's, I think my original thought was correct.  The man doesn't make a move without Charles Koch's okay.  Koch Industries is his largest contributor by far but then we have to remember that a business is also people too.  What a bunch of bunk.
Now the Ryan budget comes out and the House wants to cut the top income tax rate to 25% which grinds most Americans to no end -- why so they can give the GOP more campaign dollars?  
I totally oppose dark money -- no matter what SCOTUS says a business is not a person.  So nice to know even the five conservative members of SCOTUS appear to be bought and paid for especially two of them by the Koch's.  How anyone can think that Thomas and Scalia should be ruling on campaign finance reform when they attend Koch functions is beyond me.  What happened to integrity on the right.  There is none left when you no longer care about the poor, children, or unemployed preferring to reward your donors and the wealthy with huge tax cuts in exchange for unlimited resources to run for office that the Koch's and other wealthy donors love giving to GOP candidates.

Somewhere the GOP went wrong and unfortunately it looks to be the day Reagan/Bush took office after Reagan placated the religious right in order to win the primary and then brought them into his administration.  Lot of what we are seeing today goes back to that group of hard right who surrounded Reagan.  They full advantage of everything the Government had to offer them and set out to take the Country hard right which they are doing today or attempting to do today.  It is time Americans to speak out more, get involved in campaigns of honest people, and elect people to office who are not bought and paid for but want what is best for all Americans -- Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren come to mind.

GOP members of Congress didn't mind spending our tax dollars on anything proposed for eight years under Bush-Cheney running up a huge deficit, but now today they don't even want to take care of the less fortunate but they want to make sure Big Defense keeps rolling in the money.  Big farmers are rewarded while cutting SNAP benefits and some of those farmers are members of Congress.  Why are the American taxpayers subsidizing big farms?  Would bet the Koch's love getting their subsidies as they bought up farm land throughout the Country.

It has become so obvious with the statements out of GOP elected officials, candidates, and leaders that the Republican Party is the party of the wealthy who is bought lock, stock and barrel by the Koch's and other wealthy donors.  I am tired of slick mailings and dark money so we don't know who pays for something -- I am not alone. Sometimes you can push too far and lose a lot of votes from people who care about this Country from both parties.  All of the shenanigans of today's Republican Party and their donors have managed to leave many of us long time Republicans without a home.   They made sure that most states had closed primaries so if you became an Independent, you couldn't vote in a primary.

Tired of being told by the hard right women have no rights and have to do what their husband tells them.  No one needs to ever tell me after the last 30 years that as a woman I shouldn't have the right to vote and needs to submit to what white male husband says.  That is exactly what we are seeing out of the GOP today.  Or as one of the House colleagues from Maine, Lockman said:
 "If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman?” Lockman said. “At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.”
Took him 18 years to apologize and only now doing so in a half hearted way because he is seeking reelection but he never should have been elected:
He refused to pay his taxes, uses hate speech, and is a proud bigot.  He has a decades-long history of saying stupid and very offensive comments, which would have been useful if compiled before his recent election in 2012.  
He is a sitting member of Congress with a vote and refused to pay his taxes?  How low can the GOP go in backing candidates.  When are they going to say, if ever, don't vote for this candidate because he is bad for the Country.  Hope Maine sends him packing.  

How dumb does the GOP think we are?  No contraceptives because it is a form of abortion,  No abortion for any reason including life of the mother.  After the baby is born no WIC or SNAP program to help the poor support their baby.  Now no Planned Parenthood in some red states where poor could go to get their contraceptives so they wouldn't get pregnant.

There is something really wrong with a Party that by the words and actions of their elected officials and candidates believes women are inferior to men and should stay home, have children, raise a family, and if you are not going to pro-create then you shouldn't get married.

Unfortunately, I come from a State with a Governor, who in order to deny same sex National Guard spousal benefits, denied use of any state facility to sign up for the benefits to ALL National Guard so some had to travel five hours to sign up.  We had a bill submitted into the Oklahoma Legislature to do away with all marriage to keep gay marriage out of the state.  We have Hobby Lobby who believes as a profit corporation they deserve the same status as a church on contraceptives -- same company that is heavily invested in retirement accounts with pharmaceutical companies who make contraceptives.  But then they were already hypocrites when they buy the items for sale in their stores mostly from China, the #1 abortion country in the world.  That's okay because it is their bottom line which counts.

The hypocrisy on the hard right of the Republican Party knows no bounds -- they have fully taken over the Republican Party with the support of the Koch Bros who want to be free to pollute at will and run the Country from their fiefdoms in Kansas and New York City to make the Middle Class part of the poor to be their servants and told what to do and think.

If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't work for the election of one Republican member of Congress in the 2000's after what I have been witnessing out of the obstructionists party of today's Republicans where finding anyone with honesty is a difficult task.   Can only speak for myself but I wouldn't vote for a Republican for Congress if they were the last people standing.  It is over, I am through with the Republican Party and vast majority of their elected officials and candidates.

Oklahoma needs to move into the 21st century and that means leaving the Neanderthal Republicans behind.

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