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Paul Ryan's FY15 Budget for the Rich and Against the Poor is DOA in Senate and White House

Since this came out on April Fool's Day, you might think this was a joke but leave it to Republicans to make sure it is no joke.  In Ryan's budget, the Republicans want to cut the high tax rate to 25% and cut the safety net of those who are not wealthy.  Will someone please explain to me why anyone on social security would vote for today's Republican Party.  The GOP's abject worship of the wealthy is almost creepy it is so far over the top.  It is like the wealthy are the only people who count in this Country and the rest of us are here to do their bidding.  Words that could be used to describe the Ryan budget -- mean, cruel, inhuman, discriminatory, hateful, ignorant, unrealistic, unChristian and I am sure there are a lot more.

For a party who declares themselves to be Christian, they sure don't act it.  They would welcome the money changers to the temple and refuse to feed the poor and hungry the opposite of Jesus.  Or is their way the Mormon way?  Maybe someone can explain to me how making children and families go hungry is Christian.  What am I missing?

Los Angeles Times editorial nails Paul Ryan starting with the title of the editorial.  
Paul Ryan the anti-Robin Hood: Robbing the poor to help the rich

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) answers a question at a town hall meeting March 18 in Franklin, Wis. (M.L. Johnson / Associated Press / March 18, 2014)

By Paul Whitefield
April 1, 2014, 1:37 p.m. 
No, Paul Ryan isn’t Ebenezer Scrooge. But give him time; he’s young. And he shows such promise. 
On Tuesday, Ryan, the Republican tax-hatchet-man from Wisconsin, unveiled a new spending blueprint. Got a catchy title too: “The Path to Prosperity.” Its modest goal? To balance the budget in 10 years. 
Wow, you say, that must be hard to do. 
No, not really. Not if you’re as smart — and coldhearted — as Ryan. 
But look, I know you’re busy. It’s a Twitter world. So rather than make you slog through the pages and pages of Ryan’s plan, I’ve boiled it down. It really has just two basic premises:
  1. Screw all the poor people.
  1. Help rich people get richer.
Welcome to Ryan’s America. If you know your history, you might recognize it. It’s the Roaring '20s, redux. Or “The Great Gatsby” meets “Wall Street.” Because in Ryan’s America, greed really is good. 
How so? Well, in a nutshell, here’s Ryan and the Republicansvision, per my colleague, Lisa Mascaro: 
“House Republicans will return to the core ideas from Ryan, the Budget Committee chairman, that have come to define the party’s approach: Cut federal spending on Medicare, Medicaid and other programs that make up the federal safety net, while reducing top individual and corporate tax rates to 25%, which Republicans argue will spur economic growth.”
Holy Ronald Reagan! The Gipper may be gone, but his trickle-down economic notions are alive and well. 
As is his love of guns but not butter: Ryan’s budget will target the poor but not the military; it proposes to cut food stamps but beef up the Pentagon’s budget. (Geez, do Republicans all own stock in defense contractors?) 
You see, in the Republicans’ world, the poor — affectionately known as “takers” or, to Mitt Romney, the 47% who rely on the government and so didn’t have the good sense to vote for him because he was a nice guy even though no, he didn’t have any use for them but still would’ve been happy and proud to be their president — should either get busy working or get busy dying. 
But, well, uh, doesn’t this whole concept seem just a little bit, oh, what’s the word: cruel?
I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. But if the road to a balanced budget means building a new freeway to the poor house for many Americans; if it means a bigger military but more hungry kids; if it means chopping healthcare so Sheldon Adelson can keep more of his millions, so he can spend those millions to buy more politicians — well, that just doesn’t seem like a road worth taking. 
If that’s America’s Path to Prosperity, then stop the car, I want to get out.

Excerpt from Editorial at the LA Times 
Excerpt from Think Progress has this today on the Ryan budget:
The budget blueprint that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) released on Tuesday rehashes several of the same economic policy ideas from his past two “Path to Prosperity” budgets, despite drastic improvement in the nation’s fiscal outlook in the intervening years. 
The format, structure, and style of the budget documents have changed slightly each year, and the Fiscal Year 2015 version includes specific numbers more often than the FY2013 and FY2014 editions. But a review of the past three editions of Ryan’s Path to Prosperity shows 11 separate instances of repetition in the newly released budget document, including more than half a dozen taken straight from the version voters rejected in 2012:
Each of these ideas would have a negative impact on the economy, in ways ThinkProgress and the Center for American Progress have detailed repeatedly in the past. 
They also fail to account for big improvements in the country’s budget outlook over the years since Ryan first began releasing the documents. Deficits have collapsed in recent years thanks in part to the $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction Congress and the White House have enacted over the years since Republicans took control of the House of Representatives. The deficit fell faster last year than at any time since the end of World War II. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is much more optimistic about the country’s long-term deficit and debt projections than when Ryan first debuted his budget.
Read more at Think Progress
Without a doubt this Paul Ryan House of Representatives FY15 budget is DOA in the Senate and the White House.  I want to see these Republican members of the House go into their districts and defend this budget that hurts the poor and gives to the wealthy as the LA Times writer says the opposite of Robin Hood.

Want to see every last Republican stand behind this Ryan budget bill and take credit for a bill that is mean and cruel to those less fortunate in this Country.  They kept Ryan as the Budget Chair and now they own the budget.  Don't need to ask for my vote for any Republican for federal office because it is not for sale as I actually believe in helping those who need the most help.  How anyone can be so cruel as Ryan was when he talks about the school lunch program is a symptom of the Republican Party and why Americans are starting to tell the party of the white male to shove it.

Then there was Paul Ryan at CPAC who repeated a story about the school lunch program which was bogus.  Since he heard it from a fellow Republican, why am I not surprised?

In his vacuous, sloganeering speech today at CPAC, Paul Ryan argued that "the left" — the term he used to describe not the actual left, but the Obama administration — offers Americans "a full stomach — and an empty soul." What soul-emptying ways is "the left" filling people's stomachs? Ryan has a story from his fellow Republican, Eloise Anderson.
Turns out the story he recited is phony which sounded strange when I heard but the very fact that Ryan said the school lunch program offers students "a full stomach -- and an empty soul" makes me shudder. You cannot have kids going hungry.

I packed lunches for my kids because they didn't like the food at the cafeteria a lot of the time. Walking in the school I understood why as it smelled bad plus did not look appetizing but then my kids were used to good meals at home.   My kids do the same thing with their kids.  Whether I packed their lunch or gave money for lunch made no difference.  Packing their lunch didn't mean I loved them more and I resent anyone saying that about any child.  No child deserves to go hungry in this Country no matter what.  That is cruel!

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