Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day 2014 from Norman, OK

As I listened to some of the local hard right make fun of Earth Day on local radio, I am reminded how screwed up thinking that is.  Do they not want safe drinking water and air to breath?  Do they not like fresh vegetables and flowers?  Really stupid comments!  We live on this Earth and the better we can make it for all, the better off we will all be.  Doesn't take rocket science to figure that out.

Very fortunate to live in Norman, Oklahoma, which is a Tree City USA with a University of Oklahoma that has some of the most beautiful gardens I have seen on a college campus or almost anywhere.  The statues on campus are surrounded by plants and flowers which they change with the season.  When you sit on the benches are OU, you are surrounded by nature.  Walking around campus makes you feel really good as it is so beautiful.  Just living in Norman around all the trees and plantings makes me realize that we have Earth Day every day here.

Today I was out plant shopping to replace some of the roses I lost in this last really cold winter along with the normal flowers I plant.  My early garden is already planted and getting asparagus every day and shortly will be picking broccoli.  Onions and garlic are getting ready to eat along with strawberries which are setting on and snow peas.  Potato plants look great.  My summer garden will go in shortly.  I enlarged the raised bed garden when I built the garden wall to replace the railroad ties that were self destructing.  My fruit trees bloomed for the first time this year along with the blueberries and raspberries look great.  Love working outdoors in the spring.  Have plenty of flowers to plant, feed the birds the year around from four different feeders, about to get out the hummingbird feeders and make sure my bird baths stay filled.  Have all kinds of birds, squirrels, a few rabbits, some ducks and geese from the lake down the green belt.  Plenty of bees and wasps -- got stung four times last year.  With the green belt we are living in the city but it is like living with nature.

This spring and summer will be landscaping the lower part of the yard after planting the fruit trees, etc. Part of it is finished but a lot more to do.  Don't want to have to mow much of the lower area.  Love this time of year and perfect day for Earth Day with bright blue skies a light breeze and plenty of sun plus it is in the 70's -- perfect weather.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the OU Campus, the City of Norman, and my home on this Earth Day!

North Oval University of Oklahoma  
South Oval, University of Oklahoma
James Garner Statue in Downtown Norman
Prairie Grass statute at Roundabout on Norman's Eastside
Andrews Park, Norman
A few pictures from the flood in the green belt from the deck of my home last year -- as you can see my garden flourished and didn't have to water it once last spring.  Grass grew really fast and hard to keep it mowed.

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