Friday, January 24, 2014

Why do Republicans in Red States Hate Public Education?

It is understandable with some of the cuts to all programs in a state with a bad recession but here in Oklahoma, the recession was so bad (sarcasm) it left the state with plenty of rainy day funds as they ran a surplus. This year for the first time I can remember since we moved here in January 1997, Oklahoma has almost $200M less incoming revenue.  We are $200M in the hole and Republican Governor Fallin wants a tax cut along with some of the legislature.  Trickle down economics is one of the biggest myths perpetrated on the citizens of this Country -- it doesn't work.  Here are the links to the facts:
When President Obama on Tuesday declared that decades of Republican trickle-down economics "never worked," conservatives were predictably apoplectic
But for all of their protests of "class warfare", "socialism" and worse, Obama was being kind to the Republican ideologues. After all, as the historical record shows, from economic growth and job creation to stock market performance and just about every other indicator of the health of American capitalism, the modern U.S. economy has almost always done better under Democratic presidents. Despite GOP mythology to the contrary, America generally gained more jobs and grew faster when taxes were higher (even much higher) and income inequality lower. And while the U.S. recovery from the Bush recession remains painfully slow, most economists - including the nonpartisan CBO and some of John McCain's own 2008 advisers - believe President Obama saved it from the abyss.
Excerpt:  Read more from Crooks and Liars 

Will someone tell me why Republicans have such a problem with reading comprehension and are dead set on giving tax cuts when you already in the red on income in your state?  The more I see and hear these GOP office holders pontificate, the possibility that these GOP office holders are bought and paid for by ALEC, Koch Bros, Chamber, and other major donors is rearing its ugly head.

Why would a state like Oklahoma that was not really affected by the recession cut Education spending per student from FY 08 to FY 14 by 22.8%.  As a parent here, I have heard the Republican evangelical anti-education mantra against public schools:
  • Don't teach the Bible
  • Don't allow organized Christian prayers
  • Teach evolution in biology; refuse to teach creationism
  • Teach the earth is 4.5 billion years old not 7,500 years 
  • Visit Sam Noble Museum of Natural History
  • Teach the Founding Fathers did not use the Bible when they wrote the Constitution (that blew my mind)
  • Teach Sex Education instead of Abstinence Based
From the Center on Budget and Priorities:

The Republicans are all for using tax dollars for charter schools and vouchers.  Their voucher idea this term is a joke because the only schools parents would be able to send their students are evangelical schools not the good Catholic schools in Oklahoma City.  A lot of charter schools across the Country are owned by GOP donors (imagine that).   Why should tax payers have to support evangelical schools that are not subject to the same rules and regulations of the public schools?  Hard right Republicans may have taken over the State but there are a lot parents furious at what we see out of the legislature on the amount they are cutting education which is against the Oklahoma Constitution.  Teachers don't get pay raises, The Governor and State School Superintendent Barissi ignore what OU and OSU have to say about their plans on testing.  A bill is submitted on 3rd graders having to pass a reading test to move on that doesn't leave an exemption for special education.   Oklahoma is going back in time on education instead of forward.

Education is so important and time for Oklahomans to take this state back Blue and throw out the hard right Tea Party/ALEC Republicans to return some common sense to this state especially on education. What we are seeing on Oklahoma is a tragedy for our students.  If your child is not in one of the best school systems in the State and Country, then your child is going to be left way behind as they go to college in the future.  To lead the Country in cuts in education per student is a travesty that the Republicans need to answer to Oklahomans WHY?

Once again, Oklahoma did not suffer in the recession as much as other states but we are #7 in the Country for less dollars spent per student.  Bring it up to a Republican and get told we have other priorities.  They are unable to answer what priorities.  Since we are seeing the same bills submitted in OK and NM, assuming ALEC told them what to cut in the state and what needs passed so my next is "What do the Koch Bros have against education?"  Are these wealthy donors and GOP elected officials afraid that an educated America will catch on to their scams and lies they are spouting?

Oklahoma is #9 out of 15 states who cut student spending for FY 13 to FY 14 -- bet we lead the country next year on this with a $200M shortfall because education will probably #1 for cuts.  That's how much confidence I have in this GOP Legislature based on prior experience.  Will never understand how a state sitting surpluses with a lot in the rainy day fund manages to be one of the leaders in cuts to education.  If you look at infrastructure, it is the same deal.

Maybe if the Oklahoma Legislature stopped passing bills that keep getting overturned on social issues like abortion that cost our state money to defend in the courts, we might have more money.  Our AG is still fighting ACA.  How much has been spent on defending unconstitutional bills that any Civics student would know would never pass the court tests?  Where is the accounting?  Why are most of Oklahoma's bills written by lobbyists, ALEC, and Chamber not the representatives themselves?  Why is Oklahoma #2 in ALEC bills passed?  The list of Why's go on and on.  GOP answer to have bills overturned for being unconstitutional is change the way judges are selected.  First time I heard that I said WHAT?  They don't like a ruling so let's throw out the judge instead of taking responsibility for passing unconstitutional bills time after time by the Republican Legislature.

There is only one solution that this former Republican supporter can come up with and that is to throw out the religious right, hard right, Tea Party and Republicans as a whole from governing as they have proven since 2010 that they cannot handle being in control of all of State Government.  Who wants to move to Oklahoma when you find out it is #1 in cuts to education and #1 in anti-abortion bills passed and signed into law that keep getting overturned.  This is what happens when you have a hard right attorney general who puts religion above the law IMHO or he would be saying these bills will never pass the Courts.

The hard right is destroying Oklahoma IMHO with their 'my way or no way' attitude.  Their attacks on gay marriage are so far over the top I cringe.  They want to tell people when they can get married and divorced like they are the experts.  They need out of our bedrooms and out of our lives.  For a party that wants less Government in their lives, they sure do want the rest of us to have MORE Government in ours as long as it it conforms with their religious beliefs.

After Huckabee, Pierce (NM), and other GOP defending the two, this little bit of humor fits!

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  1. Why do Republicans in red states hate education - period? That's simple. They're stupid.