Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is the Tea Party the face of corporate oligarchs? Raw Story has the Answer!

When I read this article at Raw Story, light bulb went off more then it has already.  As someone who has been around the Tea Party and been at meetings with the Koch's AFP, you can put their knowledge of how Government works in a thimble.  Some of the dumbest statements have come out of Tea Party members of Congress or those running for office on the Republican ticket.  I have been thinking the more they are elected to Congress, the dumber they get.

When you stop to think about it, most intelligent people wouldn't be caught dead in the Tea Party movement because they are followers not leaders for the most part.  Old fashioned Republicans wouldn't be caught at some of their rallies with the likes of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin or if you really want dumbed down you go to one with Michelle Bachmann and Louis Gohmert of Texas.  Some of the crap you hear from the hard right you have to wonder if they are serious.  Question one of their followers and you find out they are serious and you are left to shake your head at abject stupidity. Noam Chromsky has pegged the Tea Party and shows they are basically fronts for the wealthy GOP like the Koch Brothers.

Here in Oklahoma the Congressman from the 5th District James Lankford is running for the seat being vacated by Dr. Coburn.  Here is his background:
Lankford's move is not surprising given the ambition that propelled his rapid ascent to House leadership in only his second term in Congress. But the soft-spoken Oklahoman is hardly a political animal. He spent more than a decade as a Christian camp director before feeling God "calling" him to run for Congress
He had this to say when asked about impeachment because he thinks it would help Obama but my question is why didn't he tell them nothing has risen to high crimes and misdemeanors as the President obstructing but the GOP House and GOP Members of the Senate are so why haven't they reached the high crimes and misdemeanors they accuse the President of doing.  I am less then impressed:
“There is great debate whether [Obama] is at a level of high crimes and misdemeanors,” Lankford said.  
Instead he talks about a great debate about impeachment like the House would like to impeach him. For what?  Is it because those poor white GOP males cannot stand a black in the White House?

All I can say is that the 2014 election including the primary is going to be interesting especially with the 5th District Lankford is leaving starting to turn more Democrat -- it does have a lot of former Democrats and if they decide to return to their roots after the hard right has taken over the GOP in Oklahoma, it could make for an interesting election.

When I read this article, I am so happy not to be supporting the GOP and their candidates.

Noam Chomsky: The Tea Party is the ‘petit bourgeois’ face of corporate oligarchs (via Raw Story )
The Tea Party is just the popular face of corporate power in the United States, says political philosopher Noam Chomsky. “I wouldn’t call them revolutionary,” Chomsky said, dismissing a suggestion that the conservative political faction had anarchist…

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