Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday! Last Football Game of the Season!

On Twitter, ESPN, is having you retweet which team you think will win the Super Bowl -- the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Bronco's.  First tweet I saw to pick had Denver with Orange Crush -- too much orange for me so I didn't retweet.  The second time ESPN used more Navy with the Orange so I picked Denver.

Super Bowl is great to watch even if you are not a big football fan as the commercials sometimes have been better then the game.  Advertisers go all out with Super Bowl commercials.  Beer commercials are usually my favorite even though I don't drink beer.  My favorite Christmas commercial is the Clydesdales of Budweiser. and last year when the Clydesdale came running to find the trainer who had trained him was AWESOME.  Everyone who has watched Super Bowl remembers the three frogs saying Bud - Weis - Er.  

Coming back to Norman this afternoon listening to Sports Talk radio, the majority of the callers were picking the Broncos.  The central theme seemed to be that the Broncos had the better offense with Seattle having a better defense, BUT Seattle under Pete Carroll keeps the same defense for everything.  I said to myself how is that going to work with Peyton Manning who can change up a play at the drop of a hat?  Next thing you know the caller was saying the same thing.

As I was thinking about putting this post together I was wondering if I was picking Denver because Norman is a lot closer to Denver then Seattle, I really John Fox and his coaching staff and my two daughters live in Denver.   Like Seattle colors better but I really don't like the coach who ran out on USC as they were about to go on probation, Pete Carroll,  so as far as coaching goes, I give the edge to Denver.

On quarterbacks I give the edge to Denver because I think Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL today and has been in plenty of big games over the years.  At the same time I think Russell Wilson has done a better job then I expected this year but he has never been on a stage like this and not sure the offensive coaching staff of Seattle is as good as Denver's.   Having Manning on the field is like having a coach out there.

On defense, the Seahawks have been the best this year but can they handle the various looks and hurry up Denver offense?  Not sure anyone knows what is going to happen in that match-up -- everyone that talks seems to have a different take.

Hurry up offenses can cause problems for defenses as we saw when our Oklahoma Sooners beat Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl when all the powers at be at ESPN and other networks had Alabama blowing us out.  I picked the Sooners to win as I knew how mad our players were at being dissed.  Our team took it personally and played lights out at the Sugar Bowl and now we have the Sugar Bowl trophy added to the Switzer Center and Alabama replaced some coaches.

Is that what is going to happen with Denver?  Their defense has been maligned as not matching up with Seattle -- heard people say they cannot stop Seattle and just think I wouldn't bet on that and have to wonder if the Denver defense will rise to the occasion.

Decided to check out what the Las Vegas odds makers were saying and seems I am not only one who doesn't see a clear cut favorite as they are having trouble picking a clear favorite as well.  Does that mean this is going to be a blow out or a close game?   Linemakers had this to say:
The Linemakers on Sporting News reached out to sports book operators, pro bettors and journalists throughout Las Vegas for their Super Bowl 48 picks. Our own Vegas-based experts offered their predictions as well. 
A few themes that stand out – most of the guys currently running the books are on the underdog Seahawks; those who used to run the books – i.e, The Linemakers crew – are inclined to lay the short number with the Broncos. Also, the majority of our prognosticators, no matter which side their money is on, is predicting a close game, with one calling it “one of the more difficult Super Bowls to handicap in recent memory.” 
Onto the picks from the sports books .... 
Marc Nelson, Aliante sports book director – Seahawks 24-20. I think the Seattle D will prove to be too much for Denver. 
Tony Miller, Golden Nugget sports book director – Seahawks 20-17. Defense comes up big in this game, with Seattle's defensive front putting pressure on Manning throughout the game. Seattle grinds out a close win. 
Aaron Kessler, Golden Nugget sports book supervisor – Seahawks 23-13. I’m predicting the Seattle defense shows up, and once again, Peyton sees all the cards are on the table and folds, throwing three picks. Seattle’s offense bogs down for the most part, but a big day from Lynch (125 yards plus, one TD) and a pick-six (we’ll go out on a limb and call it for Byron Maxwell) prove to be enough, as Denver only holds the ball for three minutes in the fourth quarter. 
Jay Kornegay, LVH SuperBook VP – Broncos 23-20. Seattle is a physical/aggressive team. Manning will turn this into a chess match, make them think, and slow their D down. #Omaha! 
Ed Salmons, LVH SuperBook manager – Seahawks 27-10. Manning gets to face AFC defenses again next year.
Click Here to read more from the sports books 
As for me, I don't bet because I hate to lose money and don't want to jinx a team I favor by putting money on them.

My bottom line is I pick Denver to win 28-21!

Enjoy the Super Bowl this Sunday with all the food, drink responsibly, and root for your favorite team to win.   Good Luck to both teams and their fans and here's hoping the refs don't become part of the outcome!   Want to see a hard hitting football game and enjoy the last game of the season.

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