Thursday, January 30, 2014

GOP so Fractured it Needs Four Replies to President's State of the Union?

This video link came in my email this morning from MSNBC with Ari Melber describing the Hispanic response to President Obama's State of the Union which was one of four. Get that four responses for one speech as the GOP could not get together to agree on one. Even the Hispanic reply which was supposed to be the same turned out to be different.

It was so great to see this report done with humor because all you can do is laugh at how screwed up the GOP has become. GOP Senate responses were Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul -- nothing mainstream about them -- not even a little. The funniest was Rep Cathy McMorris Rogers claiming she supports equal pay for women when she has voted against it four times. Did she think we wouldn't notice a little detail like that? Then McMorris-Rogers and Senator Mike Lee vowed to continue fighting to repealing the federal healthcare law.   Where has the GOP found these people?

This video cracked me up because Melber's delivery was just perfect for the content and his understanding of Spanish made the difference IMHO.  It was a  home run by Melber on The Last Word.  Since receiving this link in my email, I have been sent it several more times from friends who speak Spanish who are laughing at how stupid the GOP was to do another outreach to their community but changing what was said.  It flopped big time if my email is any indication.  

The GOP was prepared for Obama to come after them in a bombastic way so they could show how mean he was.  That didn't happen so they have been making things up that were not said which has become the normal in the GOP today.  President Obama really got to Republicans with the tinge of humor in his speech and left them with using narrative not facts.  GOP threats to impeach him if he signs Executive Orders makes me laugh as he has used them less then any President.  GOP hypocricy knows no bounds today as facts don't matter to this group.  

Not one of the four responses made much sense as they were going in different directions kind of like the Republican Party today.   
Lee, a youthful 42-year-old freshman, appeared at the National Press Club,delivering a response sponsored by the Tea Party Express, a political action committee.His speech, which was broadcast live on the group’s Web site, underscored his ascent as a rising star of activists and followed in the footsteps of Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and Paul, who have delivered past tea party responses. 
Lee hit chiefly on economic issues and imparted his broadsides against the Obama administration with a tinge of exasperation, expressing disappointment with the president’s positions on federal spending, regulatory policy and taxes. Calling on Republicans to articulate a “conservative reform agenda,” he said that the GOP will struggle to win a mandate unless it makes better arguments. 
Sal Russo, a Tea Party Express adviser, said that Lee delivered the speech directly to a camera, with only a handful of aides as his audience. “It’s not a dinner or cocktail party,” he said. “We were looking for someone who is identified with the tea party to articulate our issues.” 
Lee rose to prominence last year during the 16-day government shutdown when he worked alongside Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), urging Republican leaders to be more combative during deliberations. 
Paul, who is considering a presidential run, also issued a Web rebuttal Tuesday, putting out a 10-minute pre-recorded speech on his Web site, YouTube and Facebook. Paul’s response, given from his office, echoed Lee’s barbed tone and economic focus. 
A running theme for both conservative responses was the desire for a more robust Republican anti-poverty program, looking to combat Obama, who spent much of his speech addressing economic opportunity.
Leadership of the GOP told many of us to get lost if we supported Obama but Romney was so bad I never would have supported him at any level.  I refused to support him in Florida in 2008 and my dislike for him increased in 2011/2012.  Sad part is that he acts like he is running again.  He has this notion he is destined to be President and if they just package him better, he can win.  Not happening but with Christie going down, the field is pretty well cleared. 

Would put the chances of Romney running again at over 50/50 which is a little more then Rudy Guiliani gave Gov Christie today when he said there is a 50/50 chance Christie knew what was happening.  IMHO Rudy knows something.  If Christie is out of the race, who do Republicans have?  A very weak bench so do the Koch's go for Romney again?  

Or does the Party split like Hannity is predicting?  A split would ensure the Democrats win big in 2014 or is that what Hannity and some other hard right want so they can blame them for whatever they come up with as part of their narrative in 2016.  Common sense has left the GOP to be replaced by mean, angry white guys for the most part.  Still having a hard time figuring out why any woman would be out in front supporting the GOP today with the ongoing War on Women.  

Can remember on websites, 'conservatives' talking about it doesn't make a difference if they win elections as long as they stand on principle and women should not be allowed to vote.  This isn't new, but the hard right have now taken over the GOP and are calling the shots with the narratives they send out.  Don't be fooled about the Tea Party imploding as they have become a liability to the Koch Bros so they are getting dissed but it is pure propaganda as you saw in the responses to the State of the Union, two of those reponses from the Republicans were representing the Tea Party.  

Don't believe what you hear about the Tea Party as these people are going no where except to shift their venom under another name if even that.  They were the hard right before the Tea Party.   GOP hasn't changed much since 1994 when they took over the House with the Contract with America which contained no social issues but they knew the people getting elected were big social issue people so that would evolve over time and anti-abortion/anti gay marriage would be front and center.  

Is the hard right that mad at the GOP they will tank them for years to come and split like Hannity and others want?  I think would cut off their nose to spite their face and could care less as long as they stand on principle.  A lot of us have already left with the hard right takeover and not going back to work with such negative people who are in the GOP today.  I am a positive person and enjoy being around positive people which the Party of NO does not have.  

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did -- love my new found home in politics around people with positive outlooks and humor.  Left the negativity of the GOP behind and feels great!  

There is one way out of this mess in DC and that is to vote out the GOP from power -- only answer.

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