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UN Ambassador Susan Rice Appointed as National Security Advisor to President Obama Exploding Heads on the Right

President Obama appointing Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor shows a backbone of steel out of this President 

After all the attacks on her credibility by Republican Senators trying to blame her for Benghazi talking points when she had nothing to do with them except read them, Obama shows who is the President by choosing Susan Rice as head of his foreign policy team.  Brought a smile to my fact when I heard he was going to announce this today.  

Senator McCain is already 'disappointed' in the choice of Susan Rice which in my book says Obama made the right choice.  Still cannot believe that the media refused to concentrate on McCain's trip into Syria meeting with the rebels including some kidnappers.  Shows Inside the Beltway media for the most part is pretty worthless.  That was news which they pretty much ignored.  Guess it didn't fit the narrative.

The big question of the day is if the obstructionist Republicans in the Senate will hold up the Samantha Powers nomination to replace Susan Rice as the UN Ambassador in retaliation for Susan Rice becoming National Security Advisor.  Do I think they are that mean and petty?  Absolutely!  McCain, Graham, Inhofe, Cruz, et al are some of the meanest and nastiest Senators toward Obama nominees that I have ever witnessed.  They have absolutely no conscience or even care if the facts are right as long as they can score points against President Obama.  Republicans in Congress have lost all common sense, ethics, dignity, and honesty as they appease their donors and the hard right Tea Party types.

This made my day:

June 05, 2013
Remarks by the President in Personnel Announcement
Rose Garden
2:17 P.M. EDT 
THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you, everybody.  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Please, everybody have a seat.  Well, good afternoon.  It is a beautiful day, and it's good to see so many friends here.
Of all the jobs in government, leading my national security team is certainly one of the most demanding, if not the most demanding.  And since the moment I took office, I've counted on the exceptional experience and insights of Tom Donilon.  Nearly every day for the past several years I've started each morning with Tom leading the presidential daily brief, hundreds of times, a sweeping assessment of global developments and the most pressing challenges.  As my National Security Advisor his portfolio is literally the entire world. 
He has definitely advanced our strategic foreign policy initiatives while at the same time having to respond to unexpected crises, and that happens just about every day.  He's overseen and coordinated our entire national security team across the government, a Herculean task.  And it's non-stop -- 24/7, 365 days a year. 
Today, I am wistful to announce that after more than four years of extraordinary service, Tom has decided to step aside at the beginning of July.  And I am extraordinarily proud to announce my new National Security Advisor, our outstanding Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice -- (applause) -- as well as my nominee to replace Susan in New York, Samantha Power. 
When I first asked Tom to join my team, I knew I was getting one of our nation's premier foreign policy leaders, somebody with a deep sense of history and a keen understanding of our nation's place in the world.  He shared my view that in order to renew American leadership for the 21st century, we had to fundamentally rebalance our foreign policy.  And more than that, he knew how we could do it. 
You’ve been with me every step of the way these past four years, and the American people owe you an enormous debt of gratitude for everything that you’ve done.  You’ve helped to restore our nation’s prestige and standing in the world.  You’ve positioned us well to continue to lead in the years ahead.  I think that Tom Donilon has been one of the most effective national security advisors our country has ever had, and he’s done so without a lot of fanfare and a lot of fuss.  So, Tom, on behalf of us all, thank you for your extraordinary service.  (Applause.) 
Now, I am proud that this work will be carried on by another exemplary public servant -- Ambassador Susan Rice.  (Applause.)  Susan was a trusted advisor during my first campaign for President.  She helped to build my foreign policy team and lead our diplomacy at the United Nations in my first term.  I’m absolutely thrilled that she’ll be back at my side, leading my national security team in my second term. 
With her background as a scholar, Susan understands that there is no substitute for American leadership.  She is at once passionate and pragmatic.  I think everybody understands Susan is a fierce champion for justice and human dignity, but she’s also mindful that we have to exercise our power wisely and deliberately. 
Having served on the National Security Council staff herself, she knows how to bring people together around a common policy and then push it through to completion -- so that we’re making a difference where it matters most, here in the country that we have pledged to defend, and in the daily lives of the people we’re trying to help around the world. 
Having served as an Assistant Secretary of State, she knows our policies are stronger when we harness the views and talents of people across government.  So Susan is the consummate public servant -- a patriot who puts her country first.  She is fearless; she is tough.  She has a great tennis game and a pretty good basketball game.  (Laughter.)  Her brother is here, who I play with occasionally, and it runs in the family -- throwing the occasional elbow -- (laughter) -- but hitting the big shot.  
As our Ambassador to the U.N., Susan has been a tireless advocate in advancing our interests.  She has reinvigorated American diplomacy, in New York.  She has helped to put in place tough sanctions on Iran and North Korea.  She has defended Israel.  She has stood up for innocent civilians, from Libya to Cote d’Ivoire.  She has supported an independent South Sudan.  She has raised her voice for human rights, including women’s rights.  
Put simply, Susan exemplifies the finest tradition of American diplomacy and leadership.  So thank you, Susan, for being willing to take on this next assignment.  I'm absolutely confident that you're going to hit the ground running.  And I know that after years of commuting to New York while Ian, Jake and Maris stayed here in Washington, you will be the first person ever in this job who will see their family more by taking the National Security Advisor's job.  (Applause.)  
Now, normally I'd be worried about losing such an extraordinary person up at the United Nations and be trying to figure out how are we ever going to replace her.  But fortunately, I'm confident we've got an experienced, effective and energetic U.N. ambassador-in-waiting in Samantha Power. 
Samantha first came to work for me in 2005, shortly after I became a United States senator, as one of our country's leading journalists; I think she won the Pulitzer Prize at the age of 15 or 16.  One of our foremost thinkers on foreign policy, she showed us that the international community has a moral responsibility and a profound interest in resolving conflicts and defending human dignity. 
As a senior member of my national security team, she has been a relentless advocate for American interests and values, building partnerships on behalf of democracy and human rights, fighting the scourge of anti-Semitism and combatting human trafficking.  To those who care deeply about America’s engagement and indispensable leadership in the world, you will find no stronger advocate for that cause than Samantha. 
And over the last four years, Samantha has worked hand-in-glove with Susan in her role because Samantha has been the lead White House staffer on issues related to the United Nations.  And I'm fully confident she will be ready on day one to lead our mission in New York while continuing to be an indispensable member of my national security team.  
She knows the U.N.'s strengths.  She knows its weaknesses.  She knows that American interests are advanced when we can rally the world to our side.  And she knows that we have to stand up for the things that we believe in.  And to ensure that we have the principled leadership we need at the United Nations, I would strongly urge the Senate to confirm her without delay. 
So, Samantha, thank you.  To Cass, and you, and Declan and Rian for continuing to serve our country.  
This team of people has been extraordinarily dedicated to America.  They have made America safer.  They have made America's values live in corners of the world that are crying out for our support and our leadership.  I could not be prouder of these three individuals -- not only their intelligence, not only their savvy, but their integrity and their heart.  
And I'm very, very proud to have had the privilege of working with Tom.  I'm very proud that I'll continue to have the privilege of working with Samantha and with Susan.  
Excerpt: 
This from Senator McCain on Samantha Powers:
Power is not without controversy, either. She stepped down from the Obama campaign after referring to Hillary Clinton, then Obama’s opponent in the Democratic primary, as a “monster.” 
But her nomination might not be held up by concerns about Rice and Benghazi.  
"I support President Obama's nomination of Samantha Power to become the next U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations," McCain said in a separate statement. "I believe she is well-qualified for this important position and hope the Senate will move forward on her nomination as soon as possible."
Wonder if McCain checked with Rand Paul and the hard right Tea Party Senators on Powers as the hard right Tea Party Senators will be out to score points against President Obama?  How soon before Paul picks a fight on Samantha Powers?
Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican with designs on seeking his party's presidential nomination in 2016, was sharply more critical. 
"I can’t imagine that we would be keeping Ambassador Rice in any significant position, much less promoting her to an important position," he said on Fox News.
Figured that McCain and Paul were only the first of the livid Republicans that Obama had the nerve to pick his own person to be his National Security Advisor.  Noted that Obama is putting his own people around him this term which is good for the Country IMHO.
By choosing two women known as advocates for human rights, including the NATO-led intervention in Libya with U.S. support, Obama signaled a potentially more robust foreign policy in his second term. 
At the same time, his decision to make Rice the head of his national security team angered Republicans who are demanding further details on what they believe was a politically motivated effort by the administration to downplay the Benghazi attack in the middle of last year's election campaign. 
Love these comments from John Avalon who also writes for The Daily Beast:
To columnist and CNN Contributor John Avlon, Obama's choice of Rice and Power showed the freedom he felt now that he won the last election of his career last year. 
"Susan Rice is not on the Republicans' Christmas card list, but this appointment, which doesn't need Senate confirmation, is being read as a slap in the face," Avlon said. "President Obama says he doesn't much care. He is rewarding Susan Rice for her loyalty to his administration and moving her into the White House. She can have more influence now than she ever did on White House policy." 
He called it a "fascinating, decisive move" by a president "who is apparently liberated by a second term, who is not worried about burning bridges with Republicans and Congress who are already his critics." 
Looking forward to more days like this as the Republicans in the Congress have overstepped big time with their feigned scandals, and now President Obama is hitting back.  The more the GOP rants and raves against President Obama, the more long time Republicans are saying enough is enough and washing their hands of this Republican Party of malcontents who act like spoiled brats when they don't get their way.

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  1. They are rather like huge water-ballons smashing on impact. Such ire is a thing of beauty, proving it is not about Susan Rice but Barack Obama, who is the epitome of all that is _______ (you fill in the blank if you are far right). If not, just watch the water balloons exploding.

    The Pink Flamingo