Monday, June 24, 2013

Hard Right Texas GOP is Going to Turn Texas Blue After Texas House Rammed Through Abortion Bill

Texas Republican Legislators are out of control as rules do not apply to them just like their Governor, Rick Perry, who is now a huge social conservative.

Governor Perry fits the mold of someone who will do and say anything to get a second chance to run for President.   The difference being this time he is running to the hard right more then before trying to be the candidate of the Tea Party social conservatives.   The fixation of the Republican males on women's bodies and their desire to tell women what to do is so far over the top I have a hard time recognizing candidates and office holders I have known for years.  Don't want to be in the same room with them today as they pander to the lowest common denominator - Tea Party Republicans.

Until 2003, the GOP Neanderthals kept the federal employees health benefit plans from paying for contraceptives but they would spend all kinds of money for erectile dysfunction.  Some of the comments I see out of Republican males make me cringe that they have this arrogant attitude they know more than a doctor and a woman on what is best for them.  Their junk science on abortions and boy babies masturbating in the womb is indicative of a Party where enlightenment is no more as they want to go back in time.

What the Republicans in Texas are doing to women's right to choose is deplorable - there are no exceptions in the latest abortion bill that passed the House early this morning despite all the protest from pro-choice advocates.  Same Republicans after the baby is born don't want to provide food or healthcare as they want to cut both programs.  Something is really wrong in the Republican Party and there is no fix because the loons have taken over with their hard right agenda.

By Tara Culp-Ressler on Jun 24, 2013 at 9:00 am 
More than 600 women’s health advocates crowded into Texas’ state capitol building on Sunday night, hoping to prevent a vote on a package of abortion restrictions before the state’s special session ends early this week. Ultimately, however, their efforts were unsuccessful. In the early hours of Monday morning, Republicans used their majority to cut off debate and give preliminary approval to Senate Bill 5, an omnibus measure that would force most of the abortion clinics in the Lone Star state to close their doors.   
SB 5 combines several abortion restrictions that failed to advance during Texas’ regular sessioninto one sweeping bill, and would ultimately leave Texas women with just five abortion clinics left in the entire state. Gov. Rick Perry (R) forced a last-minute vote on several pieces of anti-abortion legislation, including SB 5, to give them another chance. Since the current special session operates under different procedural rules, it’s more difficult for Democrats to block legislation from advancing.  
On Thursday night, nearly 800 protesters registered to testify against SB 5. Their “people’s filibuster” stretched on for 12 hours and successfully delayed the House from voting on the restrictive measure. They tried again on Sunday night, filling the capitol rotunda with protesters as Democrats continued delaying a vote for 15 hours.  
“Women are not going to tolerate the constant chipping away of their rights, we are not going to be bullied,” Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D)said on Sunday night in reference to the legislature’s attempt to push through last-minute abortion restrictions. “We are soldiers in the army of women’s rights, and while today we may be outnumbered and out gunned, our cause is just and we shall prevail.” 
Excerpt:  Read More at Think Progress 
Governor Perry and the Texas Republican House may be riding high today after passing this abortion bill, but their days are numbered.  Most of America is not hard right and never has been.  Well over 50% of Americans believe abortion should be safe and legal all the way to partial birth abortion, but that wasn't good enough for the arrogant Governor Perry who wanted to have the toughest law on the books on abortion.  Same Governor Perry who has been cutting women's healthcare benefits.  Does the moronic Governor not understand that women vote?  If he is depending on the white male conservatives to get reelected, he could be in for a shock.

GOP War Against Women Continues in Texas.  Time to start turning Red States back to Blue because conservatives have shown they want to be dictators against women as the 'my way or no way' crowd where there is no room for disagreement in their small minds.

Women need to unite as a voting block and throw out the Neanderthal conservative Republicans from office at all levels!  Vote Dem in 2014 to return sanity to the Country.

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