Tuesday, June 25, 2013

President Obama's Plan for Climate Change Charts a Path for the Future

Wherever somone stands on climate change, I have never figured out why they would not want to do more to help our environment.  Why take a chance?  

Climate skeptics diss science and yet want us to believe they are on the right side of the debate?   Would much rather air on the side of the people who are doing things to help our environment not on the side of business as usual and it is all junk science like Sen Inhofe (R-OK) likes to tell us all.  
May was the oddest month, we have experienced since moving to Oklahoma - huge tornadoes within a couple of days of each other, cooler temperatures and broke records for amount of rain and cold.  Latest I have planted my garden since moving to Oklahoma.   Yet conservatives still deny there is any climate change as they morph into pretzels trying to convince people they have all the answers but don't believe in science.  

The President gave a very speech on Climate Change and the White House website at the link below has some really good information.
You can view the President's Plan on Climate Change at the White House website.
Part of his plan includes wind and solar energy.  I whole heartedly support both.  We had solar hot water when we lived in SoCal and it was great.  In the summer, spring, and fall, the backup gas hotwater tank never came on.  In fact, we turned it off.  Wouldn't mind having solar hot water again.  
Living in Norman, it has been easy to help the environment.  Signed up for 100% windpower from OGE along with their smart grid and smart meter.  Get price alert signal for weekdays so from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, I agree not to use as much energy or the cost is higher.   It is very simple and every week when I get a summary of energy used, I love being at the low end.  Saved a lot of money last summer and intend to save even more this summer with being careful of using big appliances during key times.  
Also recycle everything I can at the huge recycle bins in Norman about every two weeks.  We also have curbside recycling but it is easier to gather everything up and take it to the recycling area.  Then I can always stop and get a custard on the way home.  
President Obama made the right decision in turning down the northern Keystone Pipeline.   Tar Sands is the last thing we want running through pipes.  Let the Canadians send it to Vancouver instead of down through the states with a huge possibility of a spill which would devastate the environment.   This is not the type of oil we want flowing through any pipeline in the United States.  Wish he would end fracking as well that is using so much of the water supply and then contaminating water because of the chemicals that are used.  
Water is a precious resource not to messed with my oil and gas companies who put greed before the environment especially when fracking.  Guess I go back to being a Teddy Roosevelt Republican who believed in preserving our land for future generations which is lost on today's Republicans.   Minority Leader McConnell came out trashing the President's plan before the plan was released.  The Congress probably has the worst GOP leadership in the House and Senate ever.  Hard to believe they are even Senators the way they talk and act.  They are like little puppets for oil and gas, NRA, and wealthy donors starting with the Koch's.  IMHO, the Senate Republicans only got on board the Immigration bill as they know it is DOA in the House.  That was easy to figure out as everything is DOA in the House except for anti-abortion and anti-gay bills.  
Social conservatives rule the Republican Party today which includes the deniers of climate change.  Not shocking when you discover they believe man roamed the earth with the dinosaurs  6,000 - 9,000 years ago because that is when the earth was formed.  Forgot real science as the evangelicals of this Country have their own version we are supposed to follow.  
President Obama laid out a plan which is a great start to getting a handle on improving our environment with the air we breath and the water we drink.   Let's move America forward by becoming more energy efficient and help the world at the same time.  Plant a tree, drive less, recycle, and cut back on energy you use for starters.  If everyone does that, it will make a difference.  
Oklahoma, an oil and gas state, is leading the way with windpower and smart grid with smart meters.  Governors Fallin (R-OK) and Hickenlooper (D-CO) have launched an intiataive for state vehicles to use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).  Here in Norman the University of Oklahoma was the first to start converting their fleet of vehicles to CNG including their buses and now the City of Norman is even ordering garbage trucks that run on CNG.  When I see $1.03 per gallon for CNG versus my $3.39 makes me want to switch.
Key to success of the President's Agenda for Climate change is ousting hard right Republicans from the House to return some common sense to the dicussion.

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