Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When it Comes to GOP, Facts are Stranger than Fiction

Some of what comes out of the mouth's of today's Republicans is truly shocking but today's winner of dumb comments goes to Henry Barbour, author of the latest reboot fot the Republican Party.

The latest from RNC confirms what I have been saying for years that they are in a bubble hiring friends and family of donors, Governors and other elected officials.  RNC Chair Priebus made headlines yesterday with his voluminous report on what went wrong with the Republican Party in 2012 starting at the top with the Presidential race and then Congress.  Still haven't recovered that the GOP actually believed Romney was going to win.  More of inside the bubble telling each other what is happening.  Thought his comments about the report shows a general lack of understanding why the GOP is in such trouble.
On Monday, RNC chairman Reince Priebus rolled out his party's Growth and Opportunity Project plan, aimed at identifying the mistakes the GOP made in 2012 and fixing them before 2016
The person who wrote the plan to reshape the GOP, Henry Barbour, is the nephew of the former MS Governor and RNC Chair Hailey Barbour so this all stayed in the RNC family.  It gets better as "Henry" called President Obama a "Socialist" yesterday after the report was released - you cannot make this stuff up as the stupid party gets more stupid by the day:

Henry Barbour, the nephew of the former governor of Mississippi and author of the RNC’s plan to reboot the party and broaden its appeal, thinks President Obama is a “socialist.” 
“We all want to make America strong economically and militarily and every other way but you can’t do that if you’re not in office,” he told The Hill. “We’ve got a socialist in office right now — how’s that working for us?” 
When pressed on his choice of words, Barbour said: ”I don’t care. I mean, look, I think he’s a socialist. I’m not saying he doesn’t love our country,” he said. “No, I don’t care.”
The RNC is spending $10M to get make sure their message gets out but the problem is with the 'message' not delivery which they don't seem to understand even a little. What Priebus and others fail to realize that the old grassroots who were not hard right are totally disgusted with hard right lunge and no amount of messaging (rhetoric) is going to change that.  A lot have moved on to becoming Independents or Democrats.  Then there are those of us in states with a State Democrat Party that leaves a lot to be desired so we joined Republicans for Obama, are now part of Organizing for Action after being part of Obama's Organizing for America during the campaign.  We will helping Democrats win in 2014 because have had enough of today's hard right GOP to last a lifetime.

One thing I will admit is the Obama campaign was much more effective at getting at the message out to supporters through email and social media then the snail mail of the RNC/Romney campaign that didn't even make it into my home as I stopped by the trash barrel to deliver the snail mail which sometimes was 3-4 letters in one day asking for money.  Still cannot believe they send $1 in snail mail for you to make a donation.  Obama was much smarter sending out emails asking for small donations which I clicked on numerous times.

As a woman, there is no amount of packaging/rhetoric that is going to convince me that today's RNC/GOP isn't in a War Against Women:
"The 'we need women and Hispanics to stop thinking we hate them' message belies a core set of policies that are hostile to these demographics and can't be papered over by some rhetorical reboot," said Kelly Steele, a longtime Democratic operative who helped Sen. Harry Reid win another term in 2010. "Look at the fact [Sen.] Marco Rubio didn't utter a single word about immigration at CPAC, and that its audience was openly hostile to any reform."
The White Press Secretary, Jay Carney, sums up perfectly what is wrong with today's Republican Party.  It does not look to be changing anytime soon after what was witnessed at CPAC:
"I think it's important to note that the best way to increase support with the public for your party is to embrace policies the public supports. And embracing policies the public does not support or aggressively rejects makes it more difficult to earn the public's support," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said at the briefing Monday. 
"And when it comes, again, to matters like how we grow our economy and, as we grow our economy, how we deal with our deficit and debt challenges," Carney said, "the public overwhelmingly supports a balanced approach to that challenge." 
When you stop and realize how many issues today the GOP is on the wrong side, ways to deliver your message are not the answer:
  • NO on Sequestration offer by President Obama to cut spending while closing loopholes for the wealthy
  • NO on Violence Against Women's Act by the vast majority of GOP in Congress including Republican women voting NO.  Some GOP were trying to say after voting NO they voted YES 
  • NO Contraceptives Provided by Prescription Plans
  • NO Money for Women's Health provided by Planned Parenthood
  • NO on Abortions for any reason including Rape
  • NO on Gun Background Checks (Over 90% want checks)
  • NO on Assault Weapons Ban (Over 60% want new ban to also include magazine clip limits)
  • NO Budget Deal unless Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) is repealed by Obama
  • NO on Implementation of AHA as OK Congressman Bridenstine & OK Legislature consider it 'unconstitutional' even though SCOTUS ruled it was Constitutional but John Birch Society now recognized by the GOP is for state nullification of Obamacare
  • NO on Gay Marriage
  • NO on True Immigration Reform that eventually gives path to citizenship 
These are just a few items from the Republican Party of NO which is a perfect name for the GOP as anything that President Obama recommends, they automatically say NO.

Now learning there is push back from the hard right on the Priebus/Henry Barbour RNC plan to win over voters.  This was a given the day Priebus was reelected and now has come out with this plan.  Most longtime Republicans think Priebus is the worst chair ever who is owned by the Koch Brothers after what we saw in Wisconsin.  Now Priebus who catered to the hard right during the election now has a problem with the hard right when he tries to go back more to the center.  Please pass the popcorn:

The 'nutters' push back against RNC blueprintBy Steve Benen  -
Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:08 AM EDT 
Reflecting on the Republican National Committee's "Growth and Opportunity Project," Dave Weigel noted that the blueprint "is less a program of reform than a rough blueprint about how to marginalize the nutters." 
That's clearly true. The structural reforms are intended to "marginalize the nutters" in terms of their electoral influence; the rhetorical reforms are intended to "marginalize the nutters" in terms of public perceptions of the party; and the policy reforms are intended to "marginalize the nutters" who are pushing Republicans to embrace an even more radical policy agenda. 
At times, Reince Priebus and his report aren't subtle on this, specifically criticizing "third-party groups that promote purity." 
With this in mind, the simmering intra-party "civil war" between the Republican base and the party establishment is intensifying, right on cue:
"It looks like a system of the establishment, by the establishment, and for the establishment," said conservative P.R. executive Greg Mueller, a veteran of Pat Buchanan's campaigns. [...] 
Davie Bossie, head of the conservative group Citizens United, fretted that the proposals would mean conservative grassroots candidates, already outmatched organizationally and financially against the GOP establishment on the presidential level, "even less opportunity to break through." 
"I don't think that is a good thing for the party and I definitely don't think it's a good thing for the conservative movement," said Bossie. 

Rush Limbaugh wasn't happy, either, saying Republican leaders have been "bamboozled" by focus groups. "They think they've gotta rebrand and it's all predictable," the radio host said. "They gotta reach out to minorities. They gotta moderate their tone here and moderate their tone there. And that's not at all what they've gotta do. The Republican Party lost because it's not conservative." 
As this excerpted article form MSNBC shows, it is a total mess and what happens to a political party when they go too far to the extreme either way.  In this case it is made worse with the very idea that the wealthy loopholes have to be protected at all costs leading to a lot of longtime GOP grassroots telling the GOP to "Shove It!"

No wonder Democrat strategists are not that worried as they know the plan is DOA in Los Angeles during the Spring Meeting of the RNC when it has to be approved.

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