Monday, March 25, 2013

Sooner Men's Basketball Program is Back!

After watching my NCAA brackets get blown to pieces for the most part except for the Elite 8, I am back to politics this morning after commenting on this year's Sooner Men's Basketball Team.  Tonight I will be rooting for our Sooner women in their second game of the Women's 64 Tournament.

Before I launch into politics today, want to say how happy Sooner fans are to see our men's basketball team make it to the 64.  No way at the beginning of the year would most of us given them a chance as this was still a rebuilding year after the Sooner program had fallen on hard times.  With the hiring of Coach Krueger in the spring of 2011, our program is back on the map in 2013.  My son and I were at the Iowa State game for Senior Day when the Sooners tied an NCAA record 34 straight free throws and broke the Big 12 and OU record by a mile.  Great game for the Sooners that Saturday afternoon after seeing the seniors honored.  Win #20 was sweet!  

Must admit I would feel worse about the loss to SDSU if it wasn't for the fact that they had to play Florida Gulf Coast in the next game after ours and got smoked.  I would hate to be watching that highlight reel every time I turned on ESPN if they had been playing the Sooners.

The leader of the team, Senior Romero Osby was responsible IMHO for bringing our program back with hard work, dedication, and being a leader for the team especially for the younger guys.  He is a player if I was an NBA general manager, I would be looking at to draft - he is very good, a leader, and extremely hard worker which you don't find in a lot of NBA players today who are one and done thinking they can just show up and their talent will win out.  They forget it is a team sport.

Congratulations to #24, Romero Osby, and the Sooner Men's Basketball on a job well done in turning the Sooner program around.  The fans are going to miss Osby as he was a key player on and off the field for the Sooners.  All the Seniors are graduating with their degrees which is an accomplishment in itself.

Best of Luck to those Seniors and looking forward to next fall with the new recruits and returning players who have a ton of experience from this year.  Our team will be ready to go come the fall and this year won't be overlooked as a team everyone can beat.

Boomer Sooner!


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