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Cong Bridenstine (R-OK): “Just because the Supreme Court rules on something doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s constitutional”

Knew it was bad news for the House of Representatives when the more centrist candidate Rep John Sullivan from Tulsa lost in the primary to a Tea Party candidate

Oklahoma's 1st District now has a Congressman in his first term who believes he knows more then the Supreme Court on whether a bill is Constitutional -- First Term Congressman Jim Bridenstine.  He obviously doesn't understand the 'Separation of Powers' if he thinks the Supreme Court has no say on bills that are passed by the Congress.  With his comments, why bother having a Constitution?  He also voted against Violence Against Women Act which should shock no one.

Didn't agree with the SCOTUS 'Citizens United' ruling and still don't but when SCOTUS rules, it is the law of the land.  Looks like Bridenstine fits in well with the loons of the House Tea Party who don't believe rules or laws they don't like apply.  How many times have the GOP voted to rescind the Affordable Healthcare Act? Up to 34 and counting even though it was ruled Constitutional.

Members of the GOP in Congress remind me of the people on some websites I belonged to some time ago where if they stood on principle, they didn't care if they lost.  At the same time they would do everything possible to destroy anyone who didn't agree with them.  The 'no way or my way' crowd which I like to call them is alive and well in the US Congress with their heads fully buried in the sand refusing to believe they actually lost the election and Romney is not President.  I thank the voters every day for turning their backs on Romney and reelecting President Obama.  We dodged a bomb that would have destroyed the Middle Class and poor of this Country - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

How can any member of Congress from first term to having been there for years say such a dumb thing about the Supreme Court.  Shows a gross lack of understanding how Government works or they think the House knows more than SCOTUS.  Wonder if he belonged to Americans for Prosperity because their knowledge of how Government works when I heard them speak, you can put in a thimble.  I have been gradually breaking with the Republican Party for sometime and didn't realize it until last year.  All the signs were in front of me that I didn't belong in OK GOP which is too hard right for what I believe.  This is just another example:
GOP Congressman Says Supreme Court Doesn’t Actually Get To Decide Whether Laws Are Constitutional 
By Scott Keyes and Ian Millhiser on Mar 13, 2013 at 2:50 pm 
Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) 
Still smarting over last year’s ruling upholding Obamacare, freshman Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) dismissed the idea that the Supreme Court decides whether or not laws are constitutional. 
“Just because the Supreme Court rules on something doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s constitutional,” Bridenstine said in a Daily Caller interview posted Sunday. 
After accusing Democrats of “stacking the courts in their favor” — five of the current nine justices were appointed by Republican presidents — Bridenstine dismissed the idea that Congress must write laws within the boundaries set by the Supreme Court. “That’s not the case,” the Oklahoma congressman said. 
The interviewer, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginni Thomas, didn’t have the heart to correct Bridenstine’s peculiar view of the Court’s role. 
BRIDENSTINE: Just because the Supreme Court rules on something doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s constitutional. What that means is that that’s what they decided on that particular day given the makeup of the Court on that particular day. And the left in this country has done an extraordinary job of stacking the courts in their favor. So what we have to do as a body of Congress is say, “look, just because the courts” – and I hear this all the time from Republicans – they say that the court is the arbitrator and after the arbitration is done, that’s the rules we have to live under and we can go forth and make legislation given those rules. That’s not the case. A perfect example if Obamacare. Obamacare is not constitutional, the individual mandate.
Watch the interview at Think Progress
This was not his first interview with Ginni Thomas as I found another one when he didn't vote for Speaker Boehner for Speaker:
 GOP congressman explains why he didn’t support Boehner [VIDEO]
Freshman Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine told The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas why he didn’t support Speaker of the House John Boehner’s successful bid to keep his leadership post. 
“In August of 2011, when Congress voted to raise the debt limit and they created the super committee, the super committee failed, [and] that triggered sequestration. If I’m going to challenge an incumbent Republican based on voting for that, then it’s also incumbent upon me to challenge the leadership for creating that policy to begin with. And so it be came clear in my primary, from my constituents, that it would be appropriate for me to do that.”
See Video at The Daily Caller
Seems the Navy Reserve Lt Commander (Major in other branches) missed the part of his education that discussed the Separation of Powers.  In the campaign he used his Naval Reserve to be front and center so with Oklahoma being a very pro-military state along with being Southern Baptist, it was easy for him to convince voters he was the man from the job.

When this interview came out I received some emails from friends in the Tulsa area with "We have been duped - he is just like the rest of the OK Tea Party - no common sense and refuses to acknowledge that Congress is not the sole authority - obstructionist" - That was one of the nicer ones - one said three words, "Tea Party Loon" and others said they tried to tell people he is one of the earth is less than 10,000 year old crowd as he is part Tulsa Southern Baptist.  At least I have had my chuckle with the comments I have been reading in my email.  One friend said "He is a Romney person, what do you expect?  Rom didn't know how Government works as he thought he would be King."

Guess I have hung out with the wrong crowd all these years since moving here or it is a case of a lot of us who moved to OK from other states have had a hard time with the hard right beliefs here with zero common sense.  Their members in the legislature have caused OK taxpayers countless dollars with their legislation they pass that doesn't meet the State Constitution usually on social issues.

Suffice to say I am happy to be on the other side of the state and he is not my Congressman.  I am grateful that Congressman Cole (R-OK-4th) is not hard right and understands how Government works along with the need for compromise - a rare person in the GOP House.  I would be going nuts if Bridenstine was my Congressman.  Senator Inhofe (R-OK) must love him.

Add Bridenstein to the list of obstructionists in the GOP House which is growing.

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  1. Okay, you win. Politicians from Oklahoma are dumber, stupider, dumbest, stupidest, than even those from New Mexico. I give up. This stays it all. I'm beginning to think that the prerequisite for running for office in the GOP is either not taking government or flunking it, along with civics and American history. It is the only logical explanation.

    The Pink Flamingo