Friday, February 8, 2013

Today's CEO in Operation!

This says all you need to know about the climate in a lot of the business world today where dollars mean more then their employees.  Many corporations today treat their employees as second class citizens and don't think twice about out sourcing their jobs so the CEO, his Board, and Shareholders can make more money.

Today's big business have Republican elected officials at the national and state level in their hip pockets so when they tell Republicans in Congress to kill any tax hikes on them they follow along like lemmings.  The GOP of today prefers to curry favor with their puppet masters at the Chamber of Commerce and other major donors like the Koch Brothers then help the 98% of the American people it seems.

In 2014 look at candidates very closely with their voting records, comments, and what groups are donating to them.  Make your decision to support candidates with common sense who are going to support the middle class and poor who are the workers.  There is a happy medium and am sure there are some large Corporations that support their employees and treat them with respect.  If you know any, would you please let me know as I would like to spotlight a large Corporation that actually takes care of its people.

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