Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kansas Senator Moran (R) Against Closing Loopholes for Jets/Yachts; VAWA Passed by House!

Why are Corporate Jet Owners allowed to write off as a business expense for seven years, when airlines are only allowed five years?

Makes no sense but many of the Bush Cut Tax loopholes make little sense as we are finding out.  We got sold a bill of goods when the Bush Tax Cuts were passed in 2001.  They have been costing this Country dearly with our economy especially after we were attacked on 9/11.  Still don't understand the need for most of the loopholes and would love to know who inserted them into the Bush Tax Cut bill.

Once again, Republicans want to keep the loopholes for the wealthy who don't need the tax breaks if they can afford a corporate jet and/or a yacht while we take away Meals on Wheels, School Lunch programs, and childhood vaccinations.  We understand perfectly Senator as you put your big donors from Kansas ahead of the American people.  
Republican senator defends tax breaks for corporate jet owners (via Raw Story
 By: Eric W. Dolan
Republican Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas on Thursday defended the so-called “corporate jet loophole,” which provides special tax deductions for the owners of private jets. 
President Barack Obama has called for the corporate jet tax break and similar deductions, such as those for yacht owners, to be eliminated as part of his budget plan to shrink the federal deficit. Ending the special deduction for private jets would save about $3 billion over the next decade. 
“The President’s fixation on corporate jets stands in direct contrast with his supposed desire to help the aviation industry and create jobs,” Moran said on the Senate floor. 
The Republican senator said ending the corporate jet tax loophole would hurt job growth in Kansas, a state where many private aircraft are constructed. Moran described Obama’s plan as “dangerous” and “hypocritical.” He claimed the tax break was intended to help manufacturers, not the rich.

Private corporate jets can be written off as a business expense for seven years, while commercial jets can only be written off for five years.

“It’s long time past to address the real problems with meaningful spending reductions and every moment spent talking about corporate jet loopholes is a wasted moment,” Moran said. 

Violence Against Women's Act approved by House Today and on to President for Signature

Today was huge day for women as the Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA) was finally renewed by the House after having been passed by the Senate.  The GOP replacement bill was defeated which would have left out LBGT and Indian women.  The Senate bill was passed in the House 286-138 with 138 NO's from the GOP and all 199 Democrats along with 87 Republicans voting for passage.

Here in the 4th District of Oklahoma, my Congressman Tom Cole (R) was the ONLY member of the Oklahoma delegation to vote NO on the GOP substitute bill and YES on the Senate bill for VAWA. Bridenstine of Tulsa voted NO on the GOP substitute but also NO on the VAWA which shows that OK now has two new hard right Representatives to join the hard right Lankford of OKC who in the last session was not as hard right.  Notice how he is always in the picture with leadership now.  The two Oklahoma Senators Inhofe and Coburn also voted against the VAWA.

Right now only Cong Cole stands out in the Oklahoma delegation as continually supporting what is best for all his constituents.  The rest can go pound sand for all I care!

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