Friday, February 8, 2013

NFL Guru's Stupid Decision to Hold Super Bowl in NY/NJ Next January

There is dumb and dumber - NFL guru's fit the dumber mold.

It is TGIF with a major blizzard named Nemo poised to hit NYC and New England.  Some weather people are saying Nemo will rival the 1978 blizzard that tore through the Midwest into New England.  It looks to be starting farther east this time which could dump record snow totals on NYC and Boston.  Cannot fathom how much snow is going to fall inland in Massachusetts where we lived for nine, miserable months in Groton, MA, while my husband was on an Industry assignment for the Air Force.  Never saw so much snow in my life as I did in MA.  One reason we refused to spend more then winter in New England - too far north, too long winter, and way too much snow.

Decided to bring up weather less then one week after the Super Bowl because the NFL and its hard headed Commissioner Goddell decided it would be great to have a Super Bowl played in the outdoors in the north so they awarded it to New York City instead of a warm climate for next year.  Stadium is actually in New Jersey right across the river.  It is the beginning of February and they want to hold the Super Bowl outdoors?  Stupid IMHO!  They already hold playoff games outdoors in the north depending on who is in the playoffs but why the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 2014 Location Makes Weather A Possible Factor In Game And Annoys Joe Flacco
The Huffington Post  |  By Posted:

When the NFL awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to the New York City area in May 2010, it knew full well that it was the first time it was placing the marquee game outdoors in a cold-weather climate. 
New York topped Tampa and Miami for the honor to the elation of New York Giants and New York Jets contingents, USA Today reported at the time. The game will be played on Feb. 2, 2014 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, just outside of New York City.
Some players are not fans of the idea to have a cold-weather Super Bowl. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco made waves earlier this week when he called it "retarded." 
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg are not among the nay-sayers. “We made this decision consciously, obviously not knowing what the weather would be, but football is meant to be played in the elements,” Goodell said last month.
It's expected to be a tourism boon for New Jersey and New York City as the region could see an estimated $550 million in tourism
Bloomberg struck a similar chord, saying, "Some probably gulped and said, ‘You want to do it outside?' and we said, ‘Yes, we do. That's football, it's meant to be played outdoors."
New York City is planning a week of events leading up to the Super Bowl including a fan festival, the city has revealed.
Jets owner Woody Johnson was instrumental in rallying support for the location, as The New York Times reported after the decision was made: 
You can see a countdown to the 2014 Super Bowl, as well as more information about it, at

“Why not,” Johnson said after the vote. “We play every other game in cold weather, rain and snow. Would I want to do it every year? Probably not. But 2014 sounds good.”
As a fan, would I buy a Super Bowl ticket to sit out in the cold in NYC/NJ the first week in February?  Not on your life.  If I was going to the Super Bowl, I would want to be able to attend all the events without having to wear a winter coat with gloves, boots, and head gear.  Would bet the fans from other places feel the same way.

When did this Country get so many hard headed people in charge from politics to sports to companies?  They have dollar signs in their eyes instead thinking about the people.  In this case, flights into NYC could be grounded due to storms when fans or even teams are scheduled to arrive.  You might have a Super Bowl where roads are so bad, people cannot get to the stadium but seems to make these people no difference as money trumps all just like in business or politics today.

Hope the NFL guru's are following this storm less then one week after the Super Bowl in New Orleans where fans and players had a blast in the warm, sunny weather of New Orleans.  NFL should vow to ONLY hold the Super Bowl in warm climates from next year forward.  I also oppose holding Super Bowls in the domed stadiums in the north due to the fact weather could affect driving conditions and airports.

Hope everyone in the northeast stays safe tonight and tomorrow as the blizzard hits with winds 25-40 miles an hours in NYC with gust 50 mph.  According to the Weather Channel the warmer air from the ocean is going to shift as the days goes on and by tonight the much colder winds out of the NW will be hitting NYC.

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