Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FL Sen. Nelson Slams Cruz: "Senator Cruz has gone over the line" - Hagel for Sec Def Clear Committee

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) schools Senator Ted Cruz on decorum and the fact that Cruz was not honest in the hearings on Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Texans should be ashamed to have Cruz represent them in the Senate. If McConnell had a backbone, he would removed Cruz from Armed Services. Cruz's attacks on Hagel were way over the top along with his LIES!  Frankly Senator Nelson could have been even stronger with the allegations made by first term Senator Ted Cruz who has been there little over a month.  Whoever put Cruz on Armed Services should be ashamed!
FL Sen. Nelson Slams Cruz: "Senator Cruz has gone over the line" 
Mark Corcoran - February 12, 2013  
Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) slammed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during an Senate Armed Services Committee meeting today saying he had "gone over the line." During a hearing on Chuck Hagel’s Defense Secretary nomination, Cruz objected to moving forward on the nomination and made wild and strange accusations that Hagel might have received money directly from countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Of course, Cruz provided no evidence for his wild claims.

Senator Nelson:   
"I want to put on the record that this senator feels like Senator Cruz has gone over the line," Nelson said. "He basically has impugned the patriotism of the nomniee. 
And your conclusions, which you are entitled to come to, in essence about him being cozy with Iran."
"You have also stated your opinion that you don't think he's been truthful with this committee, and those are two fairly strong statements," Nelson said. 
"There's a certain degree of comity and civility that this committee has always been known for," Nelson said. "Clearly in the sharpness of difference of opinion — to question in essence whether somebody is a fellow traveler with another country, I think is taking it too far."
Chuck Hagel's nomination was voted out of Committee today along party line votes and is expected to be confirmed after Senator Reid said he will accept no holds on the nomination that Senator Inhofe (R-OK) wanted to put on the nomination.

Looking forward to seeing Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense even if major aerospace contractors are not!

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