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OK Governor Mary Fallin Vetoes Bills She Asked for as She Attempts to Show the Legislature Who is Boss by Vetoing 17 Bills!

Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie, said he didn’t understand why the governor Tuesday vetoed two of his bills that he said were requested directly from her office.  He said one of the bills was designed to save tax dollars by allowing state agencies to better use their purchase card authority.  “The governor is essentially vetoing her own request bill,” Murphey said. “It makes no sense.”  (My bold and emphasis in article)

The Fallin aggressive agenda isn't to move Oklahoma forward but to brandish her conservative credentials with the Tea Party.  When I read that former Senator Cal Hobson said she was originally a moderate Republican, it is starting to make sense.  Fallin made sure her opponent in the last primary, former State Senator Randy Brogdan who is very hard right, pulled out of the Governor's race to run for US Senator. What did she offer him is a question many here are starting to ask?
Gov Fallin has the disdain of people from around the world after the botched execution and her lie that he didn't regain consciousness or the whopper from Attorney General Pruitt that these drugs had been tested when it was the first time they were used.  Reporters witnessed him coming back and trying to get off the table hearing him say "Man" but she tries to tell us he didn't regain consciousness.  How dumb does she think Oklahomans are -- not all of us are Tea Party and even some Republicans I know here are questioning her being Governor for four more years.  The details of the botched execution are chilling:
While Mr. Lockett was convicted of a gruesome and disgusting murder, this does not change the fact that the way he died was in violation of both the laws of this nation and our collective morality as a community. 
As a result of these actions, we demand that the United States Department of Justice open a full investigation into Governor Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma State Department of Corrections, and their decision to 1) use an untested combination of chemicals during a state-sanctioned execution, despite the severe risk of severe pain and suffering for the condemned; 2) the secrecy with which these drugs were obtained; and 3) the coercive means used to get the Oklahoma Supreme Court to reverse its stay of execution and essentially fast-track the proceedings, which led to Mr. Lockett's horrible death.
Agree 100% that the Department of Justice needs to investigate all of this including our Supreme Court being faced with impeachment and setting up a constitutional crises by the Governor, Attorney General, and some State GOP Legislators.  
Personally after what we are witnessing, I think having her for eight more months is too long.  That press conference yesterday on the botched execution made me cringe.  She has totally lost it and the State suffers.  She has attempted to move the state very hard right when the majority of our state is moderate to conservative with Democrats, Independents, and a good number of Republican who are not part of the hard right which has driven me out of the GOP for good.  Didn't like the hard right when I first got involved in GOP politics here and now I loathe them and am leaving the party because the Republican Party is not big enough for me and the hard right, militia, Tea Party, John Birchers, Libertarians, and religious right social conservatives.
Why all the secrecy not just with the drugs and the protocol but with her office.  It almost takes an act of Congress to get her to honor a Freedom of Information request.  What is she hiding?  Never would vote for someone who pulls the stunt of vetoing bills to get their way.  I have lived in various states and she is the worst Governor I have ever had by far and that includes Dukakis in MA and Jerry Brown in his first term in California.   You cannot fathom how I regret supporting her in 2010 as I have watched her get progressively worse.  One of the worst choices of supporting a candidate I ever made.  Falllin should become the poster person for the "My Way or No Way" group of hard right!
April 30, 2014 
Gov.: Vetoes will continue until ‘major issues’ are addressed 
By Janelle Stecklein 
The Norman Transcript 
OKLAHOMA CITY — In what critics describe as an attempt at political manipulation, Gov. Mary Fallin took a swing at legislators Tuesday, announcing she would be rejecting their bills that were awaiting her signature until they tackle the state’s “major issues.”
By noon Tuesday, Fallin rejected 15 of 16 House bills awaiting her signature that she claimed didn’t have “substantial” benefits, are “redundant” or are “just bad policy.” At a press conference announcing her decision, she pledged the vetoes of House-proposed bills would continue until the House tackles issues that she believes are important to Oklahomans rather than special interest groups. 
“Lawmakers continue to find ways to avoid passing meaningful legislation,” she said. “We cannot continue to ignore the big issues facing the state.” 
Fallin said the House needs to pass legislation dealing with storm shelters at schools, set the budget for this coming year, look at funding Capitol improvements, fix the pension system and improve the health of Oklahomans. 
“I’ve used my executive power, my executive authority to set aside ‘minor issues’ so that we can have more time to deal with major issues here at the Capitol and hopefully get the attention to get those things done,” she said. 
Among the causalities of Fallin’s pen were bills that came from legislators across the state. They dealt with issues like expungements, regulating the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, liquor industry regulations and a bill that she claims makes it easier to sell stolen watches. 
“Gov. Fallin developed an aggressive agenda this session to move Oklahoma forward, however moving that agenda through the legislative process requires developing relationships with legislators across the state,” said House Speaker Jeff Hickman, R-Fairview, in a statement. 
He said legislators have passed an income tax cut, pension reform measures, and a ban on youth access to e-cigarettes, which were all part of the governor’s agenda 
Fallin vetoed the bill authored by Williams and Senate Minority Leader Sean Burrage, D-Claremore, which would have made it easier for people to get crimes expunged off their records. The bill had bipartisan support, and Williams said it was frustrating to lose a substantive bill “on the 1-yard line” because Fallin needed to pad her veto list for the day. He predicted her move would “infuriate” people, and hopefully lead to moves by the legislature to overturn her vetoes. 
He said such behavior by an Oklahoma governor is unprecedented and “politics of pride.” 
“She does not believe the House has addressed her set of priorities so this is our punishment,” he said. “I don’t like being used in this manner. My constituents don’t like being used in this manner. I don’t think there’s a constituent out there that would support her in a move like today.” 
Click Link to Read More at Norman Transcript
Veto of 15 bills wasn't enough for the out of control Governor as she vetoed two more today.  She says that the Legislature is not taking action on her key agenda items but two of the bills of Rep Murphey (R-Guthrie) that were sent to her office that she vetoed, she asked to be submitted in the Legislature. Tell me that the OK Governor is not out of control when you veto bills you asked to be passed.

Today Fallin vetoed two more bills saying it was in the best interest of Oklahoma:
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Gov. Mary Fallin has issued two more vetoes on bills she says are not in the best interest of Oklahoma. 
Fallin vetoed the pair of bills on Wednesday, the same day the House voted to override a previous veto on a bill regarding federal regulations on firearms.  
One of the bills would have prevented law enforcement agencies from entering into contracts with non-law-enforcement entities. Fallin says the bill was well-intentioned but may slow the progress of law enforcement activity. 
The second veto was for a bill that would change the amount of paid time a state employee can spend on professional development.  
The vetoes come after a string of 15 vetoes earlier in the week. Fallin has accused state lawmakers of not taking action on her key agenda items. 
This article was written back in January about Governor Fallin -- would like to know what former State Senator Cal Hobson thinks today since she has gotten much worse:
January 16, 2014 
Fallin: Not pure enough for Tea Partiers
By Cal Hobson 
The Norman Transcript 
NORMAN — Let me make something very clear at the very beginning: I served with then-state-representative and now-Gov. Mary Fallin for a number of years when we both were in the legislature. I liked her then and like her personally today. She was and is a pleasant, dedicated career politician and a very successful campaigner. 
She was a moderate Republican legislator who seemed to vote policy first, politics second. 
However, apparently her political leanings have changed dramatically. To put it bluntly, she has been an awful chief executive of our state. 
Clearly, based on her policies and initiatives, Fallin’s top objective during her first term as governor has been to make sure no Republican challenger would be able to attack her for not being conservative enough. And she really worked at it.  
How otherwise to explain the deepest cuts found in the nation in funding for public schools (22.8 percent cut in a system where 95 percent of our kids are enrolled); a huge drop in the state’s share of financial support for higher education plummeting from 30 percent six years ago, now moving toward 11 percent in 2014; and endless and, thankfully, so far, futile efforts to cut our state’s already very modest tax base. We were seventh lowest nationally in 2012.   
Her personal income tax reductions are ill-conceived and unnecessary in an already very friendly environment to do business. Additionally, the governor’s 2013 tax hoax, just struck down unanimously by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, with the opinion written by a Republican appointee, would have rewarded a family of four with an annual income of $40,000, a whopping tax cut of 35 cents a day in 2016.  
Besides ignoring our aforementioned educators, Fallin stiffed public employees by ordering a “study” of their salaries, a classic dodge, while she gave generous pay raises to her own staff. 
Click Link to Read More at the Norman Transcript
We don't have a Governor, we have a dictator so New Jersey we know exactly how you feel with Governor Christie.  Wonder what the National Governor's Association is thinking having Fallin as their spokesman.  Her statement about looking out for Oklahomans is a bad joke IMHO.

Democrats need to work together with Independents and some GOP to oust Fallin as Governor by supporting Democrat Rep Joe Dorman, who is opposing Fallin for Governor.  I have yet to find anyone who doesn't like him.  Maybe my GOP state rep but I won't talk to him ever again.  The Conscientious Objector who had the Oklahoman taxpayers pay for his college and Law School then claimed CO status twice so not to serve overseas can shove it in my book.  First time he ran we had State Chair who understood why so many of us opposed him but he is probably the last honest chair that has led OK GOP.  He might be the ONLY honest one to head OK GOP since we have been in the state.

Return Common Sense to the Governor's Office, vote for Joe Dorman for Governor!  Follow Joe on Twitter at @Dorman2014 or on Facebook -- time to elect a Governor for all Oklahomans not just the wealthy!

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