Monday, May 19, 2014

Voices will be on Vacation This Week!

Will be back next week to report on the final days of the Oklahoma Legislature and see how they can continue to get their priorities wrong.  Biggest problem I see is their pandering because it is an election year and taking it all back if they get back in office.  Today so many of the Republican elected officials have the integrity, ethics, and credibility of a gnat.  They have pandered so long to the wealthy and the lobbyist, they have forgotten the people who helped elect them but are now part of the opposition. They should have thought about consequences when they went hard right to become sellouts to the Koch's and their wide array of organizations.  They didn't think twice of leaving more moderate Republicans in the dust aka Democrat conservatives today to show how far right the GOP has gone!

Republicans made a conscience decision to tell many of us to get lost as they pandered to the Tea Party and hard right of the Koch Bros.  In the next few election cycles the Republicans are going to discover that it is payback time from a lot of us who will never support the Republican Party again.  

Enjoy the week!

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