Monday, February 15, 2010

Indiana Democrat Sen Evan Bayh Not Seeking Re-Election

This came as a shock this morning although we had to wonder how Bahy would take having actual competition in the general election from someone as experienced as former Senator Dan Coats (R-IN). We have been hearing for sometime that Bayh's numbers were not looking good.

Wonder if the dissatisfactor with Bayh in Indiana from his contiuents came from his voting in lockstep with Obama and Reid. Indiana has never been a liberal state but now they have a liberal Senator in Bayh especially since the Democrats took over the Senate in 2006.

Bayh's lifetime conservative voting record in the Senate is now 20.70 while the Republican Lugar who is not known for being the most conservative is 77.55. Quite a contrast and just maybe the liberal votes of Bayh since 2006 have caught up with him in the State of Indiana and he sees the handwriting on the wall.

In Bayh's prepared remarks, he cites lack of progress recently but where was he during 2009 when Democrats were routinely ramming bills through the Senate that Republicans could not stop? If he spoke out, it was with a whisper.

We find this great news that Indiana will most likely have two Republicans in the US Senate come January 2011 -- Senator Richard Lugar and Senator Dan Coats.

Prepared remarks by Bayh, 54:

“After all these years, my passion for service to my fellow citizens is undiminished, but my desire to do so in Congress has waned,” he said.

“My decision was not motivated by political concern,” he added. “Even in the current challenging environment, I am confident in my prospects for re-election.”


“Two weeks ago, the Senate voted down a bipartisan commission to deal with one of the greatest threats facing our nation: our exploding deficits and debt. The measure would have passed, but seven members who had endorsed the idea instead voted ‘no’ for short-term political reasons,” he said. “Just last week, a major piece of legislation to create jobs — the public’s top priority — fell apart amid complaints from both the left and right. All of this and much more has led me to believe that there are better ways to serve my fellow citizens, my beloved state4 and our nation than continued service in Congress.”

How does the above remarks track with the comments the Indy Star received from his staff below? Now Bayh is concerned about lack of bi-partisanship but wasn't all last year. What changed? Scott Brown was elected and with that their 60 vote filibuster proof majority vanished or was it the fact that former Republican Indiana Senator Dan Coats was throwing his hat in the ring for Bayh's seat? We believe it was the latter.

Only days ago, Bayh’s staff, close associates and Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker, who was manager of Bayh’s re-election campaign, had assured an Indianapolis Star reporter hat he would definitely seek a third term in the U.S. Senate. And Democrats recently released a poll showing Bayh easily ahead of both former Sen. Dan Coats and former U.S. Rep. John Hostettler, two of the four Republicans seeking the GOP nomination.

Source: Indianaopois Star

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